I Am Rich

Why is it so difficult to have what we want and really enjoy it?  Now that Christmas is over, my girls are already thinking of things they want.  Let’s be honest, we all are.  There is so much stuff that grabs our attention.  That stuff tells us that if we just had IT, then we would be satisfied.  It tells us that we deserve it, or that other people have nicer junk (and that is what most of it really is-junk)  than we do.

Looking at the bigger picture shows us that if we have shelter, food, and clothes, we are richer than most of the world.  Right here in our own country, in our own neighborhoods, kids go hungry and cold every day.  It may not be rubbed in our faces, but it should be rubbed in our hearts.  The thought of anyone being cold and hungry should make us unbearably sad.  It should make us want to run out and give our things away and stop buying new junk.  It should make us look at our spending and see what we can cut out, so someone else can have more.  As Christians, it shouldn’t take the government telling us to give, but we should want to be overly generous.

When Christianity was new, it was so radical that people rushed to it.  There weren’t fancy churches to meet in, just regular people’s houses.  The difference between them and other religions was huge-generosity.  When there was a need, it was filled.  The orphans and widows were taken care of.  The early Christians truly lived like we should-with an emphasis on the eternal.  They had their hands held open, knowing that this life is temporary.  They didn’t let material possessions own them, and we shouldn’t either.

If you want to read more on this topic, I highly recommend Andy Stanley’s How to Be Rich.  It will change your mind and, more importantly, your heart.  It sure made me see the world in a different way.  Well, most of the time!


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