Open My Eyes

If you are anything like me, you pray about many little things and then never notice when they work out in your favor.  I pray about getting somewhere safely, having things go smoothly, and many everyday activities.  The other day it occurred to me that I never take into consideration how that makes God feel.  I had a busy morning-some of it stressful-and everything worked out great in the end.  I actually thanked Him for helping me but realized I don’t do that often.  Think of all the times you do something for your spouse, children, or friends.  You appreciate when they acknowledge your effort, right?  Well, think of how it must make God feel when you are so busy with life that you don’t even notice His hand. You don’t see the unique thing He added to make your day special, just because you are loved.  It may be a close parking spot, a smile from a stranger, a spectacular sunset, or a word of encouragement from a friend.  These things are orchestrated by your heavenly Father (yes I think the good parking spots are a gift) to make you smile.

I think God is just waiting for us to really see what He has done for us. He longs to delight us in all things, big and small.  I know I need to pay more attention to these gifts and attribute them to the right One from now on!


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