Fearfully, Wonderfully

As I watched snow melt, I couldn’t help but think about all the animals out there.   After unusually cold weather, I don’t walk around seeing frozen squirrels and chipmunks.  Because they are part of creation, the way they are made is intricate and amazing. God designed them with instincts that allow them to eat extra before winter, as insulation.  Most gather extra food, and their fur even thickens.  Once spring starts, the animal sheds unnecessary fur and those extra ounces.  That just blows me away!

If animals are that amazing, people are much more extraordinary. Lately I can’t get the idea out of my head that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, as David said in Psalm 139:14.  Everything about me was done on purpose.  There is no mistake about any part of my body. When I think I am too tall, God says, “No, I made you so you fit just under your husband’s shoulder when he hugs you.”  When I think my eyes are too little, God says, “No, your eyes are the right size for YOU, because you are so sensitive to light.” When I notice the lines around my eyes, He reminds me of all I have laughed about over the years.  When I question my big feet, God brings to mind all the times I have carried my babies around on my big strong feet, both before they were born and after.  Yes, I wish He had put at least one athletic bone in my body, but I have a feeling I am here to provide comic relief.

God really does have a plan for me, and He had this plan in place since the beginning of time. He knew me then, and He knew what I was going to look like, act like, and sound like, and He loved me with His whole being. Every part of me was put there with care, and God said it was good. Who am I to argue with God?


2 thoughts on “Fearfully, Wonderfully

  1. Sarah, you have always made me smile and today I am smiling so far that my face is stretched to the limit! Your comments about animals and people are true, God made us all. I love and appreciate everything about you.

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