God’s Got This

Recently we got someone to go to church with us-which I had begun to wonder if that would ever happen.  We had to practically drag him, but I felt such a strong sense that he needed to be there that day.  After the service and lunch, all our guest would say was that there was a lot of singing. The sermon that day was about God’s love and how we can’t earn it.  God just loves us.  I am convinced that this person was put on my heart for a reason, for that sermon.  I know he heard something that stuck with him or will come back to him.  For now, that is enough.

There are people I pray for every day, and the thing I have been praying most for them is for God to not let their hearts be hardened. I can never know what is going on inside someone, but the most important thing is the condition of their heart. Proverbs says, “Guard your heart for it determines the course of your life.” I pray that God will not let them stray too far or become desensitized by this world. Our culture tells us that just about anything is good for us, as long as we enjoy it. Believing that is so much easier than following this invisible God, but only He can bring peace and heal our hurts. Until someone is ready to understand that, I ask God to protect their heart.

Don’t ever give up on people!  While there is still breath in us, it is never too late.  God has His own timing that rarely lines up with ours. He has to work on people’s hearts and get them prepared and softened for just the right day and the right words.  Waiting when we know the person is in pain or is lost may physically hurt us, but God works all things for good.  Not SOME things, ALL things. Just be aware when there is a nudge and a person on your heart.  In the meantime, pray, pray, pray.

When in despair over unbelievers in your life, remember 2 Peter 3:9, “The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. Instead He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” God’s got this.


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