Unexpected Joy

A call to action. Will I or won’t I? Will I take a leap because God put an idea in my heart, or will I shrink back because I am not “strong” enough? These days, a part of my life that brings me joy is stepping out in the great unknown. I finally get the courage to offer to do something and am told I am an answer to prayer. When I am thinking something that sounds crazy, but my husband comes to the same idea on his own, that is a God thing. I put myself out there, out of my comfort zone. Way outside of my abilities, I say, “God, with You, I am enough.”

Stepping out in faith is how God designed me. It is supposed to bring true joy, but too often I let fear dictate my actions. Fear tells me I can’t, but faith tells me if it is part of God’s plan, it will work. God made me to truly live all out for Him, but I get caught up in life. I tend to lose my desire for something so intangible when there are so many shiny objects out there.

My end goal now is to fear not doing God’s will more than I fear doing it.

Situations where I am obviously not acting on my own power make me want to do more, to be more. They remind me that I am not alone. God is behind the scenes, pulling strings. He is clearing a path for me to do His will. It is so exciting, and I only wish I had discovered living this way sooner. Not sitting on the sidelines, but in the game. The wind in my face, and God beside me. Nothing can stop us.

What brings YOU joy?

I am linking this to my new friend Holley Gerth. She is so inspiring!


6 thoughts on “Unexpected Joy

  1. What a great perspective….and it is so true…I have battled fear…and it is better to fear missing out on God’s best than to fear what He calls us to do because when He calls, He will open a way…and HE is always with us 🙂

  2. I’ve had your post up on my screen to read since last week…am so glad I read it today! Thank you for this. Such clear words…such a beautiful challenge…such joy in stepping out in faith. Thank you for this!

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