Lately I have started to be convicted for my thoughts, and sometimes words. The times I focus on someone’s annoying habits and actions are what usually get me. I try to justify the words as venting, but that is really just a flimsy excuse. Mean thoughts are not justifiable.

The Bible tells us to take our thoughts captive and teach them to obey Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5.) This idea intrigues me, but it was difficult for me to understand until last week. As soon as I had an unkind thought, my mind stopped and pointed it out, instead of just moving on.

Taking captive means being aware and not letting those thoughts take residence. It means putting them in a corner and watching them so they don’t escape. It is being mindful so they don’t multiply and take over the other thoughts floating around up there. Left to roam free, thoughts destroy relationships with God and other people, even if they remain thoughts and don’t become words. They cloud my view of my circumstances and make a small issue much bigger.

When I know of these thoughts, it is my responsibility to pray about them. Praying for a person who is irritating me changes the way I see them and reminds me there is more to the story. Praying for someone is my way of giving them and the situation to my God, who is bigger than me. He will help me stay accountable and change this habit, if I let Him.

Isaiah 26:3 promises peace if I fix my thoughts on God. Bring on the peace!IMG_3475


2 thoughts on “Captive Thoughts

  1. I call what you describe obsessive thinking – about things that are either hurtful or challenging – and when I obsessive think, I am not trusting God – I’ve been trying this past few weeks, when the annoying, irritating moments happen – to pray – it’s like a different work-out that I need to build up! Thank you for encouraging me to be more vigilant! Wishing you blessing this weekend! – and thank you for coming by my place!

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