A few years ago, I felt lonely despite the fact that I was never alone. My girls were little and home with me. I decided to do something for someone else every day. (Not weekends thought. Mama needed time off too.) Whenever I could, I involved the girls so they would grow up helping others. We donated a little money some days, made cookies or muffins for teachers or firefighters, and took one of our blooming roses to a person who could use cheering up. There were times God put someone on my heart, and I had no idea they were struggling until later. We donated to MUST Ministries and Goodwill things such as toys and canned goods; our used books went to the library. We gave bigger tips and wrote encouraging notes, cards, and emails. Some days I started with a headache and bad attitude but making that person smile lifted me. Other days the sentiment was returned, and I received a gift or note. It was like God showing me He saw me and loved me.

Blessing another person brought me out of my thoughts and made me focus on the bigger picture. It helped me see the beauty of others and the fact that I have a good life. Having the ability to make someone smile through their own struggles is a gift that we all have. Looking each day for a person to love on was a tangible way to show God’s love. Once in the habit, I no longer saw my own circumstances. I felt like I was truly making a difference.

I may not consciously do one thing every day now, but the year I did showed me the difference I make with each little thing. I am no longer the girl who thinks her life doesn’t matter. I can love my family and show kindness to those around me and know that it has meaning. My purpose may seem small at times, but I will never know the ripple effect it has on the world. Neither will you, so keep loving others and making them smile!

Holley Gerth is kind enough to let me link to her site again.


2 thoughts on “Small Things, Great Love

  1. There are so many lessons for all of us in your blog today. The one that I am taking away is that when you are trying to bless others, you have to look for the person to bless. This takes my focus off myself and onto others. Thanks, Sarah, for teaching me this. With love, Dad

    1. Yes, so often we are so focused on our own life that we overlook the person right in front of us. When we make someone else smile, we can’t help but smile ourselves!

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