Have you ever realized something and then not been able to escape it? It is like when you get a new car and then keep seeing the same model or color everywhere. You hear a baby name for the first time and then notice all babies now have that name. (Maybe we have just lost creativity.) Once your eyes and ears are open, you notice everything.

That is how God wants us to be. He wants to have a running dialogue with His children everyday. When we start to listen, God’s voice gets louder. Did you get that? I know I don’t always, so I will say it again. When we start to listen, God’s voice gets louder. He wants us to pray, read our Bibles, read devotionals, and talk to Christian friends. We never know when our good Father has something to say to us. Sometimes God tries to get our attention through circumstances. When He closes a door, He wants us to turn to Him for help. The more in tune we are to God, the more we allow Him to speak.

Recently I read the 23rd Psalm in 2 different devotions. Then later that week I started a book on my Kindle that was apparently about that same chapter (which I didn’t know when I bought it months ago.) I also read a verse from it in a Bible study I am doing. I couldn’t escape those words! I started to pray from Psalm 23 and talk about it. I finally saw it as more than verses I have heard all my life. God poured those beautiful words over me. He wants His goodness and mercy to follow me all the days of my life, but I have to stay aware of His presence to fully receive it. He wants to give the gift of His wisdom to open ears. Are we fully listening? We don’t want to miss God fulfilling His promises or showering His blessings!


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