What Matters

I constantly get sidetracked from what matters, usually until it smacks me in the face. Living in the suburbs, we aren’t really aware of peoples’ struggles. Sure, we donate to organizations that help, but we don’t SEE. We don’t see the burdens others carry around. Having the chance to physically help someone who needed it reminded me why I am here. This earth is not my real home so I am not supposed to get comfortable. God put me here to shine His light. When they look at me, people should see love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. (At the moment I probably display one a day. Work in progress, people.) My task is to take care of those who need it and do so with joy.

When I forget this mission and take my eyes off the eternal, I see all of the things that don’t matter and place importance on them. I make sure people like me. I try to look busy. I focus too much on material possessions I can’t take with me. I get upset with people over trivial matters. My heart does more sputtering than fluttering. I get weighed down by the sadness and injustice of this world. My sins can be justified in my mind. Can you relate?

We are supposed to keep eternal matters in our mind, because God built us to anticipate being with Him. Ecclesiastes says God set eternity in our hearts (one version even says planted.) Those days when we feel out of place and out of sync with the world are actually gifts and serve as reminders that this is not where we belong. If we got too comfortable and felt like we fit in, we wouldn’t be doing this Christianity thing right. Our God planted a desire in us to be with Him and it is up to us to keep it growing until the day it is fulfilled.


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