When God put us together, He designed us to need rest. We all know it, so why does our pride hinge on how much we can get done every 24 hours? “I worked 10 hours, made dinner, and then did laundry.” “Well, I worked 10 hours, made dinner from scratch and cleaned the house. After the kids were in bed, I made a costume for one of them for school. I win.” (I don’t actually know people like this, so I win.) Even if people we know don’t say these things, we know people who feel superior for how much they do. People who volunteer more, are in every activity and have a perfectly clean house might be insecure and have a problem saying “no.”  They are also tired. God doesn’t want us constantly worn out. When we put Him on a back burner, we aren’t in touch with Him like we need to be. We are more prone to Satan’s attack and to listen to what he says. God wants better.

When my Mom was on this earth, she loved to read her Bible, but not other books. She didn’t have time or patience for sitting still. Imagine how she felt having a daughter who could sit and read for hours. Mom cooked and cleaned, sewed, led Bible studies, and hunted at thrift stores. (And sometimes in peoples’ trash. Ahem.) Taking care of us kids was her priority and she never let a little thing like bad scoliosis slow her down. So when I had my first child, I would feel so guilty for wanting to sit and read when my house wasn’t completely clean. I thought I had to be busy, just like her, to be a good mom. It wasn’t enough to me that I am like her in other ways, such as teaching my children about Jesus.

God got through to me finally. I was trying to do everything I could to please people. I wanted to do enough and be enough. I had to realize that being a good mom doesn’t mean being just like my Mom. We are different people with different plans. When I started taking more time for God and living for Him, I felt at peace. I still struggle with “am I doing enough” at times, but I always come back to “I am enough if I am in the will of God.” That is true as a parent, employee, and person. If we are convinced that our lives line up with where God wants us, we can rest in His assurance of enough.

I encourage anyone reading this to slow down and experience life. If you are too busy to notice what is going on around you and in you, you are missing too much! There is no place for guilt if you choose to not be busy every second of the day. That is really what it is: a choice. You can choose to let something go, even if it is pride in a perfectly clean house.



Thank you to Holley Gerth for allowing me to link to her blog each week! She is truly an inspiration!


4 thoughts on “Busy

  1. My mother and yours were kindred souls! Always accomplishing something! I think part of my learning to slow down has been a reaction to that — not wanting to always have my mind focused on a task at hand, just to be relaxed and enjoying my life. So I am an avid reader, which I think my mother would not object to, since she was the one who taught me and encouraged me to read! — And we will be sending a book to add to Lauren’s library soon!

  2. Sarah, As always, I enjoyed your blog today. I find that when I am too busy, focused on tasks, I often miss the needs of the people with whom I am in contact. Also, I miss the joy that these people can bring to me because I am too busy to notice. Your grandfather had a saying that guided his life: “People are more important than things.” So much of Scripture tells us that we need to pay attention to the needs of people and not let the busy details of life crowd out what we can do for others. I love you and am always proud of you, Dad

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