Last Day

Thinking about the Malaysian jet disappearing with hundreds of passengers, or the 33 Christians possibly being executed in North Korea gives me constant reminders of evil in the world. Whether you know you may be risking your life or just getting on an airplane, the world we live in is unpredictable on a good day. Knowing that any day could be our last should be freeing but sometimes is just paralyzing. Hearing about these situations should make us want to live fuller lives and evaluate if we are where we should be.

Our mission on earth is to bring God glory and show His love to others. We are not done until we draw our last breath, but it is easy to get complacent and just go with the day to day. If we were to actually think we are at the end, what would our lives look like? We would probably treat our family with kindness so they know we love them. Spend more time with family and friends and be truly present. Show love to strangers and those in need because that pleases God. We never know when we will touch a life and turn them in the right direction. Hopefully we would speak up more for Jesus, despite people mocking. In eternity, are we really going to care what a person thought when Jesus’ reputation was on the line? I think we would be more free with our things as well as our kind words. We wouldn’t worry about the future but would focus on living right today.

When the end is in sight, there seems to be a clarity. We finally see that our anger held us back, our unforgiving spirit harmed us, and any bitterness over the way life turned out seems to fade away. I met someone who lost one of her sons in Vietnam. She had been married for 75 years and chose to tell me about dancing with her husband, rather than the pain of losing a child. We all have this choice today. We can choose to see the bad or the good. We can choose to speak to someone we have avoided for years. We can decide that the sting of betrayal has hurt us long enough. What if we made the choice to drop these negative memories and grudges now instead of holding on to them even longer?

I think Jesus wants us to live our lives as if each day was our last-to be completely for Him. I think He wants us to fall on our knees each morning and think if we need to repent of a sin or forgive anyone. We need to think about the people in our lives that need extra kindness right now and figure out how to show them. We should be doing these things each day and not putting them off. If we pour out love everyday and live in a state of constantly needing God, we won’t have regrets when it really is our last day on earth.

Will you join me in this each day?


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