Wandering Souls

Lately I have heard so many stories of prodigal children and lost souls. Luke 15:7 tells us “there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” I love the image of a party in heaven when someone who has been hurting for years finally stops running from God and embraces Him. The lost ones do grieve Jesus, but He pursues them. He chases them down and seeks them. He has not and He will not forget them. You know how badly YOU want them to come to Jesus? Think how much more He wants it!

God is like a shepherd who leaves ninety nine sheep to go look for one missing one. We all know people who seem so far off the path that God will never find them, but He does. He may be taking them down a path that seems bad, but they can then tell their story to others who are hurting. God can easily redeem anyone’s story by letting their painful past shine a light to bring others to the right path. For someone who sees themselves as unredeemable and unlovable, seeing someone who has been freed from their shackles of self-loathing has to be irresistible. Seeing someone who once was wandering, just like them, and is now full of joy and purpose, must pull them like a magnet. Seeing redemption and forgiveness in action speaks so much louder than words. Maybe your prodigal just needs to get to the place where they are ready and God can use them.

So if you are struggling with a family member or friend who is not part of God’s family yet, be patient. People are often resistant to the ones close to them, but maybe a new friend can get through to them. While you wait, show God’s love to others around you. You never know when you will be reaching another person’s prodigal child!


As it is Wednesday, check out Holley Gerth’s website!


6 thoughts on “Wandering Souls

  1. Thank you for this reminder Sarah. I’m praying for a prodigal sister of my own. I stopped over from Holley Gerth’s site.

  2. Yes, God does use others with our prodigals. He is always at work. Thanks for the reminder that we may be reaching someone else’s when we go the extra mile with someone lost.

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