Bigger Than Me

The other day, a seed of an idea was planted in my mind. My immediate reaction was, “I can’t do that!” No, I can’t do it. God must sit up there laughing. “That’s my point. If you could do it, you wouldn’t need me. You wouldn’t have a new story to tell about my power.” That is what I want-I want to share stories about the things God does. I want to show an increasingly unbelieving world how great my God is. He can take little me and use me for His glory. Isn’t that exciting?

In Jeremiah God tells us that He will show us great and mighty things, which we do not know. Why don’t we let Him more often? Why do we insist that a challenge is impossible, when God hasn’t shown us His might? He longs to use our faith, but we have to step out in it first. If we only stick to our little comfort zone, His power won’t be in us. He won’t be able to use us.

When God has a new plan for me and I say no, I am missing out on His best for me.

Ephesians 3:20 says God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine through His mighty power at work within us. Think about that: we can’t even grasp all that God is capable of accomplishing! We can’t imagine how He can use us, let alone know how to ask for it. We have earthly limits that we put on God, but that doesn’t mean they exist.

If something is too big for me, it is just the right size for God.

So I am learning to pray and lean on God’s understanding. Any time I feel like I am figuring it out, He throws something new at me. Some bigger-than-me task that is sure to stretch me. One of these days I will have an idea and say YES!

I don’t know what God’s plan is, but I know I want it.

Say it with me now:

God, my answer is always YES!




Thank you Holley Gerth for encouraging me to start this blog and allowing me to link to yours!


6 thoughts on “Bigger Than Me

  1. Found your link on coffee with holley. I love love this. What a gift of a reminder it was for me. Thanks for your obedience to God. I love the message especially: If something is to big for me, It is just the RIGHT size for God. I feel like this is something He has been whispering to my heart lately.. thank you for the precious reminder.

  2. i loved this!!!! šŸ™‚ so many wonderful points…isn’t it wonderful to realize that God may say yes to our ideas, because He Himself planted them in your heart…that He wants what you want!!!

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