Thank You Jesus.

Thank You for giving hope to a hopeless world.

Thank You for wanting all of Your creation to come to You. ALL of it.

Thank You for hurting when I hurt.

Thank You for new mercies every day. Especially since I don’t deserve it.

Thank You for putting a song in my heart when I need it.

Thank You for placing someone in my day at just the right moment.

I praise You for putting desires in my soul.

Desires to glorify and lift You up.

You knit me together and put just the right amount of everything in me.

You made me for a life and path made just for me.

I praise You for pushing me past the borders I erected.

You help me smash through them to get where You want me.

You know me and my future better than anyone.

You know my needs and secret desires. Things I am not even aware of.

I praise You for loving me and guiding me.

I praise You for being You.


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