Having a Heart Like David’s

Why was King David a man after God’s own heart? When you look at the things David did, all the “big” sins he committed, it appears God wasn’t paying attention all the time. I mean, come on, he lusted after a married woman, had an affair with her, and got her pregnant. When he couldn’t trick her husband, he had the man killed. David also had way too many wives and was a terrible father. Not a great record.

Underneath all the sins though, David thirsted for God. He wanted nothing more than to live for God. He danced in the street to praise God, without his kingly clothing. He constantly pursued and talked to God, as we see in many of the Psalms. When he got caught up in his sins, David’s heart was so tender and sensitive that what broke God’s heart broke David’s. He truly repented of his sins and turned away from them.

David unabashedly trusted God. From a young age, he had no fear because he knew God had his back. He protected his sheep from predators and then killed Goliath with a sling and stone.  As an adult he was a fierce warrior who relied on God’s strength and favor on the battlefield. Instead of fighting Saul for the throne he had been promised, he let God take care of Saul and trusted God’s timing for his kingship. David did things the right way because it was God’s way.

David may have had his human side, but he also had amazing traits. He had a heart that wanted to please God and was willing to look silly to accomplish that. He was brave and didn’t let his enemies take his trust in God. He never doubted that God had a plan for him, even in dark times.

We can live the way David did. Look, God knows we are human and therefore not perfect. We are going to screw up and let Him down. What God is looking for is someone who is going to come before Him broken and feel the weight of the sin committed. He wants us to fall to our knees in repentance and then get up restored. He wants us to trust Him so much that we run after our Enemy without fear, because we know God is bigger and stronger. He wants us sensitive, yet fierce. If we truly live for God and love Him with everything in us, we can have a heart like David’s.


2 thoughts on “Having a Heart Like David’s

  1. Sarah, A very good analysis of David. What I have taken away from his life is that he always was truly repentant and allowed God to fully cleanse him of the sins.
    Proud of you,

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