The Verdict is GUILTY

When used properly, guilt can be a good thing. If you do something you know you shouldn’t, there is a feeling of conviction nagging at you. This is supposed to lead to repentance and redemption. But all too often you carry guilt around, long after it has served that purpose. If you have asked for forgiveness, Jesus has forgiven you. You just need to drop the feelings of inadequacy and shame and accept forgiveness.

G-Give-Give your shame, humiliation, and pain to God. His grace can cover it and is sufficient for you, even on your toughest days. Through handing your weaknesses over to God, you learn to trust His strength. You were never meant to carry this heavy a load, so lay it down now.

U-Useless-Feeling guilty is the equivalent of standing there, hands in your pockets, eyes downcast, playing with the dirt at your feet. Is anything being accomplished? Either way you feel awkward and out of place. God has no use for guilt if you have repented. Since He has no place for it, it actually sets you back. Instead of moving forward, guilt pulls you backward. You need to learn from mistakes and put them behind you.

I-I-This may seem like a strange word to equate with guilt, but is there anything more selfish? Guilt puts your focus on what you did and how you feel, rather than on others. Have you hurt others with your actions? Do your best to mend fences with them. Once that is done, put your experience to work: Can you help other people avoid the mistakes you made? Can you help them fix the damage they have done? Turn that attitude around and make that bad decision be a good thing.

L-Look-Look for the good in the situation. Sometimes, OK many times, life can appear to be all bad. But there is always an undercurrent of good-it just may be hard to see. Searching for the silver lining can be enough to give hope that life will go on. Another way to look for the good is to find the lesson you learned. If you don’t learn from mistakes you will keep repeating them. Figuring out where things went wrong helps get back on the right track.

T-Toxic-Not only is guilt useless, it does serious damage. Guilt will poison your life if you let it. There go your relationships, job, self-esteem, and purpose. While you feel as if you are circling the drain, you let everything slip away. If you think you aren’t worth their time, you will push people away. If you are wallowing in failures, the present time will suffer. If you can’t see past the past, you won’t see how great the future can be.

The Bible says we have all fallen short of God’s glory, but we all can have grace. Once a person has asked God for forgiveness, what they have done is wiped away. Clean slate. Guilt at that point is not from God, but Satan. He wants to pull you away from God and back into sin. Don’t give in! Push the devil away and show him Who is boss.

Are you ready to live without guilt?



Once again, it is time to link to Holley Gerth and her coffee for the heart!


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