Let God Write His Story

God is faithful and just. He hears our pleas for our loved ones. He knows how much we ache for their hurt and their distance from Him. That love and ache for them are from God. Sometimes we don’t know what to do to help and praying doesn’t feel like enough. But God. Is. Faithful. He is working on people’s stories and they aren’t ready yet. God is putting things together and when all is revealed, it will be obvious that He was behind it. He orchestrated it. Changing hearts is not something that is humanly possible, but that is where God does His best work. When we let Him, God steps in, cracks His knuckles (OK hopefully not, because that is gross), and gets to work. Once we have given in, God has free reign. He knows just the right moment for action to achieve maximum impact.

Sometimes it is just when Satan thinks he has won. BAM! There goes his stronghold.

Just when we think all is lost. BAM! There go the chains that were getting tighter.

Just when someone feels their life is over. BAM! Their life is just beginning.

God is hearing our prayers and has promised to answer them in HIS time. The waiting is hard, but it helps our faith grow stronger. Maybe right now God is chipping away at that person’s life. It is painful, and they may lash out at those closest to them. Let them. Once they are freed from sin, deception, and anger, the scales will fall from their eyes. It will be revealed to them then that all that pain served a purpose. All the confusion and hurt pulled them to a strong Savior. They will be able to see you were there loving them, trying to help.

Think of the person in your life who seems farthest from God and most resistant. With the way their life is going, it would take a miracle to bring them to Christ. You know what? God is longing to perform that miracle! He knows that once this person has come into the light, the good they can do has no limits! Others who hear their testimony will know God is real. They will see they are not alone and that this God can change their lives too. This will inspire them to change their own story, all because of your loved one’s life and your prayers to an almighty God.


Today I am again linking to Holley Gerth and her beautiful Coffee for your Heart blog!


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