Like New

Something I have always struggled with is evangelism. Sharing my faith with someone who hasn’t asked about it always seems scary. However, God designed us with a need to be around new faith. He knows we can stagnate and need a push to start growing again. Being around new Christians is a way God recharges our batteries.

A very good friend recently gave her heart to Christ. She was hiking and wrestling with some things. When she finished and got to her car, an old man stopped her. He told her Jesus loves her. They talked for an hour, and he helped her pray and invite Jesus into her heart. A total stranger! I saw her that afternoon and saw that she was glowing. Jesus had definitely taken over! She was ready, and God brought everything together that day. She was alone, and that little old man felt God’s nudge to go to the mountain. This man didn’t flinch when God pointed and said “That girl.” My friend didn’t think the man was crazy for talking to a stranger (at least not that day.)  She knew God sent him! God bonded these two hearts and made them brother and sister who will see each other in heaven.

I marvel at a God who takes time to make things so special, so unique, that it becomes obvious this is His handiwork. When someone is ready, He is thrilled to show His power. Nothing can compare to God’s love and redemption, and He makes people aware of it at exactly the right moment. I also marvel at the people who can go talk to someone on God’s behalf. I want to say it takes a certain kind of person, but that isn’t true. Anyone can witness for Christ, but they have to be willing and have ears that listen to God. Really, that is it.

The other marvelous thing is the person who is willing to hand over control of their lives (which is an illusion anyways.) When a person’s eyes are opened and they want a different life, the change is obvious. When they realize they live for God, they also realize He is there for them. They will never be alone, always be protected, and the worries they carry around are in God’s hands. What a powerful force to have on their side! The excitement at finding a new Friend and Father is contagious and takes us back to when we first came to know God. Over time it can wear away or tarnish, but being around someone who just discovered this treasure is a reminder to keep growing and introducing people to God.

Seeing my friend lit up from the inside and thrilled for her new found purpose is exhilarating. God made it that way for a reason, and it works. Seeing her makes me want to be part of someone’s beginning. The new chapter in their story. I want to show them the Light and be witness to their faith journey.

E-I am so proud of you. God is going to use you in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see!


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