Post Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day used to be a loaded holiday for me. I missed my Mom, but I loved being a mom to my girls. It was bittersweet. The last few years have taught me a lot, when I finally looked outside myself.

I used to be jealous of people who could still hug their moms, people who could still chat on the phone with them. But then I looked around and saw how many aren’t close to their moms like I was. I also saw that there are people who have lost their dad. I love how my Dad is always my biggest supporter and tells me he is proud of me. Some people don’t have that. Others have lost a spouse or a child. They mourn in ways I can’t imagine, and knowing that puts my sadness in perspective. We all have things we deal with that we didn’t choose. For some it may be sickness, financial trouble, or infertility. The unknown outcome is a heavy burden to carry and too much stress to keep smiling through. Even if people haven’t lost a loved one, they have plenty of grief.

Bad things are going to happen in this life, and they are different for each of us. What you can handle is too much for me just as my life is not yours. When we fight against our circumstances, we are not allowing God to use us right where we are. We are telling God He is wrong in giving us this. We think we can’t do what He is asking. Sometimes we have to just stop our hissy fit and look around. There is pain all over this world, and I may be just the person to comfort someone else. It may be because I know what they are going through or just that I know pain in general. Either way I can be the hands and feet of Jesus. What a privilege!

God has a plan for our lives, and if we surrender to knowing that, our lives will be a beautiful offering. If we allow Him to fill those broken places and ease our heartache, He will fill us up. In Hebrews, we are promised that if we cling to Jesus, He will bring us out of our trouble. It never seems to be in the way we want, but it is the right way for us. If we can also remember James 1:3 says that the testing of our faith produces perseverance, we can be reminded that this circumstance is temporary. We will be stronger for having gone through it.

Now when I see a picture of a friend smiling with their mom, I only feel happy for them. I can remember that their life is not perfect either. I don’t feel sadness for myself, because I had my time. I know I will see Mom in heaven one day, and I hold on to that. Now I have my own girls to smile with, and for many years if God allows it.



4 thoughts on “Post Mother’s Day

  1. oh my, sarah. this is powerful. and that you’ve waited a few days after Mother’s Day to put this on the table only seems to make your heart-words more poignant.

    thank you …

    1. Oh Linda I don’t think I could have put it into words right away. I love my family and am too blessed to be stuck in the past. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Sarah, I realized as I read your latest blog that you are in good shape regarding grief. We all miss Vicki, she was a wonderful Mom and Wife. No doubt there will always be a hole in all of our lives that she occupied. The key statement you made was: “When we fight against our circumstances, we are not allowing God to use us right where we are. We are telling God He is wrong in giving us this.” I thank God that you have trusted our Heavenly Father to do what is right for all of us.
    Keep up the good work, you are reaching lives.
    I love you,

    1. I was taught to trust from an early age, and I think that is so important. When confronted with something hard, I can fall back on what I know to be true-God knows what is best.
      Thank you for your support and love!

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