Road Trip

Our family took a trip this week and had an amazing time. Driving along interstates with endless fields surrounding them, as well as visiting a zoo and farm, gave us quite a view of creation. Our God must have a sense of humor! He gave us such variety-beauty and grace in some animals while others have a face only their mothers can love.

Looking back at the trip reminded me of Psalm 104. It is a beautiful tribute to how God works and brings everything together. He created the sky and the winds. There is water in certain places, and the water cannot cross the boundaries God set in place. Springs eventually make their way to oceans. Animals either eat plants He made to grow, or they eat other animals. He provides everything needed and then some. All living creatures depend on God.

Are you wondering where God is in your life? Well, He is right there in the middle of your circumstances. He wants to lead you and direct your life, but He won’t force you to trust Him. God is waiting patiently for you to realize you don’t actually know better. He wants you to take that first step of faith into an unknown. He is waiting to hear “I don’t know my future, but I trust that You do.” As soon as you can let go of previous experiences and expectations, you are free to feel that breeze on your face that He created. You can experience true joy that can only come from Him as you rest in His power. You can remember that God promised He has a hope and a future planned for you.

Tell God you trust Him with your life and let the adventure begin!


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