The Perfect Person

What do you do when your life seems to take a turn from where you thought you were going? When you were doing what God wanted, and He suddenly changes your heart? When you need to tweak your plan, or go further than you ever thought? Something that causes upheaval, like change a job. Adopt a child. Start writing. Get involved in a ministry you never saw coming.

God calls each of us out on the water where feet may fail. He knows it is scary and there are a million excuses.

It’s not the right time. “It is the right time if I am asking you.”

I can’t afford to take a chance. “You can’t afford NOT to take a chance.”

I’m just not the right person for this. “You are the perfect person for this because I made you to be.”

God knows your human limitations because He put them there. He wants to show His power through your weakness. He made you, warts and all, and put His purposes in your heart. He gives you a heavy ball and asks you to run with it. For His glory. You may stumble at times, and you may even fall flat on your face. If it is truly from God, it will be bigger than you and feel impossible at times. You won’t be able to do it without God, and that is OK. You know what?

It doesn’t matter that you can’t. It matters that He can.

You are the person He gave this task to. Not the person next to you, who appears better equipped. Not the person down the street, who seems perfect for it. YOU. You are the only one made fully able to complete this mission. When God gives you a burden, a goal, honor Him by believing Him enough to follow through. Push past fear and overcome doubt to get to the good stuff. He will be there every step of the way. If this is where God wants you, He will make it happen. He will never leave you to figure it out on your own.

What is it God is calling you to do? Is there a small step you can take today to make it happen? If you can’t think of a calling right now, sit tight. God is preparing you. He will let you know at the right time!


I am linking up to Holley Gerth again!


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Person

  1. I needed to hear this today! Sometimes we go periods of doubting ourselves, but we forget who is in control! Thank you for this lovely reminder that God doesn’t call us unless he’s equipped us. We need only depend on Him. So much truth here today.

  2. So true Sarah. If this is where God wants us, He will definitely make it happen, He will never leave us to figure it out on our own. I appreciate your encouraging words to move where He’s called us as well as sit tight where He’s preparing us. Thank you!

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