An Answer to Prayer

Three years ago I suddenly had trouble breathing and my heart raced. My 2 young ones ran around the house and I was afraid I was about to faint, or worse. I called my best friend. All I had to say was, “I need you to come over.” She jumped in her car and a minute later had my girls playing upstairs. She sat with me and kept me calm. I didn’t care what shape my house was in. I didn’t care what I must look like. In the end she took me to Urgent Care where my husband met us. If the two of us had never met, I am not sure what I would have done or who I would have called.

When my oldest was 2, I was pregnant and not working in the office anymore. Since I worked from home, I saw my work friends less and less. They either lived too far away or our schedules were different. Having a 2 year old was not enough social interaction for me, and I was lonely. My family and I started praying I would find a Christian friend in the neighborhood. After nothing happened I started asking for her to be nearby, instead of being so specific about being in my neighborhood.
My husband started telling me that as he left for work in the mornings, he would drive by a girl pushing a stroller. She always waved to him and smiled. He said I should go ask her if we can walk together. I responded that this is the south and we wave to each other. It doesn’t mean she wants me to stalk her and “happen” to start a walk just as she is going by our house.
In the beginning of that summer we were at the pool one day. My husband pointed across the pool and told me that is the girl he always sees walking. I should go talk to her. I didn’t want to go over and say “Hi. Will you be my friend?” like we were in grade school. He took care of it by throwing a ball with her son. Then my daughter started playing with hers as they are only a few months apart. Since I hadn’t been around adults much in the last few years, my conversational skills had deteriorated. I used to be able to chat with anyone, but I was so nervous! At that point I had to get over it and attempt an adult conversation. She and I really hit it off that day. We started seeing them at the pool more often and then having play dates.
My friend lives in my neighborhood and in fact both of our families had been there for years. How had we not met earlier? My thought is that we must not have been ready yet. I have had groups of friends my whole life, but never a friendship like ours. This friend is a Christian and our beliefs line up together. We agree on how we raise our children and give each other advice. She understands how isolating being at home can be. She celebrated when I had potty training success and commiserates with me when my girls are giving me an attitude. We watch each other’s kids and tell each other if we are taking a situation too seriously. In fact her only real flaw is that her family supports a different college football team. I overlook that except in the fall.
It still amazes me years later that I have a friend who is perfect for me. I had to feel the loneliness to fully appreciate her. I also had to learn to rely on God. This experience taught me patience and that the God I have believed in my whole life hears my prayers and wants to give me above and beyond what I ask for.

The situation in the beginning turned out all right. The doctor checked me out and told me I had had a panic attack. Having my friend with me during such a scary day was a blessing. That night I was scared to go to sleep and picked up my Bible. I flipped to Psalms and Psalm 91:11 jumped out at me, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” God definitely sent me an angel that day to watch over me, and her name is Carrie.


I am linking to Holley Gerth and her Coffee for Your Heart!


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