God Brought Me Laughter

For the last month, God has been thrilling me and surprising me in ways only He can. He is showing me how much better His plans are than mine. It takes obedience on my part, but when He opens those floodgates and starts fulfilling promises in ways I never saw coming, it leaves me breathless with wonder.

There I have been, making my plans. I know not to get ahead of myself, but that’s what I do. I think I make something happen and it falls flat. I try not to get disappointed and tell myself it wasn’t the right time. At some point I pick myself up and try something new.

Sound familiar?

Well, in the last few weeks, God has taken my feeble attempts and run with them. Both have been blog related, but this can apply in any area. Sometimes God lets our efforts fall short so He can work and get all the glory. He loves to step in and show His power.

Earlier this year I wrote about this, but I felt God made me the promise of Genesis 21:6: Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” Back when I began my time of waiting, I heard God tell me this. He was going to bring me to something where all I could do was laugh, and those who love me would rejoice with me.

Imagine my surprise when this happened twice within a few weeks! There have been events that were not of my own power, that had God written all over them, that have left me laughing. Literally, my mouth hung open, I had a silly grin on my face, and I couldn’t wait to tell my family. The words giddy with wonder seem appropriate. The first one was something I had tried and failed (and dreamed about) a day earlier. God did it in His own way and surpassed my hopes. Then there was last week when I didn’t know what to expect, but God found the exact right person to connect me with. We didn’t know each other from Adam, but of course He did. I know He is up there delighted to bring these surprises to me.

Most likely I will never stop making plans, but at least I am learning that when God allows a door to be slammed in my face, He just might be about to throw open a window (that I didn’t know was there), and yell, “SURPRISE!” I am finally realizing that I much prefer His grand plans to my own flimsy ones. I crave more of those days of laughter.

If you are waiting on God, take heart. He is working on something better than your wildest dreams. Keep going in obedience, and God will make it worth it. I am a testament to the fact that if you let God work, He will make your face light up.

Proverbs 16:9 We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.


I am linking up to the amazing Holley Gerth.


24 thoughts on “God Brought Me Laughter

  1. Why do we try to make our own plans? I’ve been really convicted of this lately and feel God reigning me back in. I am NOTHING without His hand and His guidance. May I truly remember that and let it soak in before becoming the wayward child….again!

  2. Yes! Let’s laugh together with joy at these open doors, my friend! I love how you’re partnering with God in letting Him set the pace in making your dreams, His desires, come true. By His grace, the sky’s the limit. You know I’m cheering you on all the way!


  3. Sarah, I love that when God speaks to us, it is so personal to us & for our lives. He not only amazes and encourages us but He infuses us with excitement to keep on going. He is so faithful to us!

  4. Sarah,
    Love this….and yes, God does love to surprise us…So happy for you and glad I found your blog….I was trying to visit you a while ago but I didn’t know what your blog URL was and now I found you via a GSD comment πŸ™‚ Thanks for giving God the glory and encouraging us πŸ™‚

  5. Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment from over at Holley’s place… I love this post…especially your last line… “He will make your face light up.” As soon as I read it, the Lord reminded me of a verse from The Message with the phrase…”He put a smile on my face”…so I did a search on Biblegateway.com and found 5 references with that phrase…thought you would enjoy them πŸ™‚

      1. Sarah, yesterday I was prayer-walking and the Lord brought your sweet post to my mind, along with the Scriptures from The Message that I sent you…then, in my spirit I heard Him say, “Remember ‘You put DELIGHT in me’…” When I looked back in my blog posts to find this link to send you, I realized it was July two years ago when I experienced this sweet God-moment…just felt led to share it with you… http://bethwillismiller.blogspot.com/2012/07/you-put-delight-in-me.html

  6. So glad God created laughter!! Praying there are even more bright days and big smiles to come for you…

  7. I am SO GLAD you stopped by my blog the other day for it brought me to you. And this post… is the encouragement I need. I had certain dreams, wishes and desires and it turns out it is not God’s. I mourn, I cry, I am sad but all with in the background knowing God is working out His plan, His will, His way. It is hard, I am hanging on and I have been desperate for the reminder that He will be faithful to my life, my journey and my desire to do good for Him. So yes, please pray as I go through this season of loss, hanging on to Hope and waiting on Him…
    God bless you Sarah!

    1. I am so glad this helped you! God definitely has His mysterious ways, and they are different from ours. I am praying for you as you wait. He will bring you laughter too! πŸ™‚

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