Confessions of a First Time Book Writer

Since I have been very vocal on here about starting a book, I wanted to give you an update. This is week 4 of school, and I am learning as much as my girls! 

The second day of school I sat down and started my First Book. That week, I wrote an outline and notes for each chapter. The plan was to have a first draft before Christmas. I spent the next week and a half stressed out about getting it done and worried that Labor Day would push me back. What was I thinking? Pressure and I do not go hand in hand. It makes me anxious and just plain wears me out. Yes, the word “crazy” comes to my mind too.

One of the things that sucked all of my energy was that I ended up writing in a style and about a topic I am not built for. It felt like I was just putting words together and getting enough so I could call it a day. What made me tired yet exhilarated the first week made me plain old tired last week. I was trying to be someone else when I was made to be me.

What made me see the light? All of my readers (friends) telling me my book will be great and that they love my honesty and transparency. All of your sweet words mean so much, and God uses them to show me what I have to offer. The way I was writing fits someone else, not me.

So did I waste three weeks and thousands of words? NO! I am proud that I didn’t sit back and put off starting, but instead dove into this challenge. It isn’t a wasted experience if I learned from it.

I didn’t fail because I have to start over. Failure would be stopping now and saying “I can’t.” Or not ever starting. I am just being redirected.

Ron Dunn said, “Prayer is not a substitute for work, or merely preparation for work. It IS work.” When I decided to step back, I spent more time in prayer. I cried, read my Bible, and got rest. This goal won’t be done in my power, so I needed to reconnect with my Savior. 

I have no idea why I gave myself a deadline when no one else did, or why I picked my ideas. But I am doing what I don’t normally do: give myself grace. I refuse to beat myself up over a setback. God wanted to give me a hug and let me know I am made a certain way for a reason. He had to let me try my way so I could remember I need Him. Every hour I need Him! The book will be finished at the right time when He is at the center. We are on a journey together, and this is a step forward, not backward.

I want to thank each one of you who has taken time to encourage me this year. I soak up the words and use them to push me!

The Lord will work out His plans for my life-

for Your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.

Psalm 138:8



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22 thoughts on “Confessions of a First Time Book Writer

  1. I like that you paid attention to how you were feeling rather than just continuing ahead, Sarah. Not that we make choices based on those feelings, but it sure helps us to be aware if something is life-giving {even if it is hard}, or life-draining. And then we can figure out what to do with what we’re discovering about ourselves.

    Cheerin’ for you, girl!


  2. Like you said, it is no failure, it is no step back. I have heard writing a book is like giving birth. It is a growing process and I think your book is just growing on you, forming in your heart and soul. Give it time and it will grow, ready for birth just like a baby in your tummy would.

    And the scripture you put out is a blessing to me! I am in a season where I am really curious about what God is doing with my life. Some dreams have been taken away and it leaves me wondering… I so want God to use his redemption in my life for His good. However, I cannot make it happen. It is His! So the reference you put out there was just right!!

    Much love to you as you write and let this book grow into being. God bless!

  3. I love the line that you gave yourself grace, something we all need to do more often! Good luck on your book writing adventure, how exciting! 🙂

  4. Good luck with the writing, my friend is also writing her first book and I can see how much time it takes and the stress. You are doing great!!
    Your neighbor over at Coffee For Your Heart

  5. Great attitude, Sarah! Time spent writing is never wasted. I get really torn on setting goals for when I need to finish something. My dream is to write a book as well. I feel like I’ll get too stressed if I set a time limit, but while I don’t, I just keep putting it off. Thanks for this encouragement :). You really spoke to me today.

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