Intentional Spending After Two Months


This picture is what my life feels like. God is shining down on the path He has set for me. It is glorious and unknown. Beautiful and scary. Only what is right before me is illuminated, and each step is in faith. God wants each of His children to set out toward the light and joy He has prepared for us. That always includes taking care of the sick, poor, and forgotten. Jesus came to serve and be a blessing, and He left us here to carry that on in His name.

On July 1, I woke up to my spending habits. I decided I want our family to use our God given resources for good. We were giving what we were supposed to, not much more. Living that way doesn’t make an impact-not on the world and not on our hearts. If you missed the original post, it is here.

Month 2 has had our first setbacks. I went to the chiropractor seven times at $40 a pop (no pun intended.) The garbage disposal died, and well, we like having one. New tires for one of the cars had been put off long enough. Our youngest wanted us to break the bank for her birthday. I guess she figures you only turn 6 once. These things could have deterred us from giving. Honestly, they made me want to give more. So many people can’t handle it financially when something comes up. We are in a place where we can, by God’s grace alone. Years ago we learned that you really can’t out give God. Tithing wasn’t our first priority, but when that changed it was as if we had more money. Not only did we still have enough, the peace that God would provide settled over our home like a warm blanket. We learned we have to keep trusting and keep our hands open.

Looking at my emails one day this month led to a breakthrough. My Hotmail account is flooded with deal offers. Most I would delete before this, but sometimes I would fall for them. They are designed to create discontent and breed disgust. Companies want me to not like what I have or to buy a new one because it is such a bargain. Not falling for this anymore! Unsubscribe. Get away. Be content.

My 3 months of not buying books had to change. Full disclosure: I bought some. Two were for my Bible Study starting this week. Another one had been on my wishlist and for a brief time went from $11 to $1. My Mama didn’t raise no fool! That book has really helped me, as it is about giving. (Love, Skip, Jump by Shelene Bryan) I think God understands, and I am not worried about stray lightning bolts!

This month we met a wonderful family about to move to Guatemala to work with orphans. Our kids got to play together, and we are sponsoring their work. Our oldest was able to give them money she earned and the youngest wants to give them some of her birthday money. It is such a blessing for our family to see them and know where our money is going. Seeing our girls have a growing desire to help the least of these has been amazing.

I saw an opportunity to donate to help start a Christian school in Pakistan and couldn’t say no. When someone is willing to risk their own life to teach kids about God’s love, I am on board. God has probably always been bringing me these chances to give, and sadly my eyes weren’t open. Well, now our family’s eyes are open, and so are our hands.

God, use us to help those You put in our path.



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8 thoughts on “Intentional Spending After Two Months

  1. Hi Sarah! Im buddies with you on Holley Gerth today. 🙂 God has totally been working in me about giving more money, this is really obvious to me -something I need to be praying about (and talking with the hubby about). God sees your faithfulness, and it makes such a difference in his kingdom. I love that you gave up buying books- that you are choosing something to sacrifice for the kingdom. Thank you so much for being an example in how we are to give.

  2. Sarah,
    It’s not easy to say no to spending so I applaud your determination! I think it’s wonderful that you’re helping to support a family in Guatemala and a school in Pakistan. When children see their parents give and encourage generosity, it instills the same in them. Wonderful post!

  3. I love your honesty about your setbacks! I think it natural to have them along the way, but sounds as though your attitude has changed towards how you view spending in general. So excited for you along your journey! I’m always excited to see how it’s going for your family!

  4. Inspiring! Love the picture – so similar to the path God has me on too. Just getting one step at a time illuminated, but not entirely sure where the path is leading.

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