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As the girls are home this week for fall break, you know, while it is still in the 80’s, I find myself yearning for a different house. We spent the weekend going through their toys and filled up half the trash can with pieces of toys and the trunk of my car with donations. I am not saying I want more house, but less.

In my heart, I want a small house with a big yard. There is nothing wrong with our house, but our yard is a giant hill. They can’t really play outside like kids should. Knowing that makes me sad for them. I have so many memories of riding my bike, playing tag, climbing trees, or just being outside. I had the joy that comes from fresh air, sunshine, and exhaustion. We did not play video games or even have cable for years. My childhood was not sucked away with mindless games. I could read for hours or invent a whole world in my head.

I had to learn to get back on my bike after falling where my kids can’t really ride bikes unless we find a trail. Having friends over means being cooped up inside, even on beautiful days. The thought to play outside rarely occurs to them, where we were told to come home for dinner.

Have we really come so far that kids prefer technology over the adventures they are supposed to be having? I think if my girls had a day of playing outside the way I used to, they would want more. I would love to open up a new world to them and show them the fun kids are meant to experience. Soon enough they will be adults and responsibility will kick in. For now, I want them to have carefree days and room to grow.

I am looking for a simple life, a life with less stuff and more space. I want to appreciate the creation around me, and to go slower. I want to have long talks with my family outside where we aren’t distracted. I think it is time to live in the present, enjoying family and friends for the important part of life they are.

The rest is just junk.

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14 thoughts on “More to Life

  1. Cool. I’m resonating here with you, Sarah. Yes please to less junk, to all those distractions that block the way to the best relationships, the memory makers, the things that truly matter.

    I hope you’re smiling wide today, friend. ‘Cause these are really really poignant thoughts. Even if that hill remains …

  2. I SO get what you are saying here!! I look back at my childhood and afternoons and evenings of outside play. I was always with other children, always outside, always playing games. I am sad at what children do today. Or adults for that matter. We don’t have a tv for that reason and we often go outside at night to play, ride bikes, meet people. I think adults set the standard for kids. It’s also a downside to raising children in the States I think. In Holland it’s very safe for children to run off into the neighborhood, we are set up for that… I dislike having to put our bikes on the car, drive to a trail to finally jump on the bike. It’s odd to me.
    And hooray for down sizing 😉 !!

    1. Exactly! We went to the park today, and a new bike trail the other night. I wish we didn’t need to get in the car to be outside. But who knows what God has in our future? 🙂

  3. Sarah, love, love, love how you share so openly and honestly about your everyday life…I am right there with you…going for walks in our neighborhood with our children always brought out conversation that never seemed to happen in the house, or even in the car…now Ann Voskamp’s gratitude photography has given us such new eyes to see that a camera/phone/tablet can be a wonderful conversation starter as we take photos of what we see on a walk and write (or talk) about the emotions the photo elicits in us 🙂

    1. Thank you Beth! There is something about being outside that can bring on the best conversations. Some of my favorite times with my husband are when we sit on our porch swing and talk for hours. It is just so relaxed and joyful!

  4. The rest is junk. That hit hard. Trying to extricate myself from the thankless job of stuff manager so that I can be a better people lover is a current challenge for me. I don’t know that I’ll ever fully arrive, but I cherish each little victory along the way. I love your desires for your girls and their childhood. I hope that you find ways to influence them to branch out into the outdoors.

    1. Oh I love those phrases you used: stuff manager and people lover. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I want more time with people and less time keeping track of stuff.
      We are on this journey together!

  5. I remember riding my bike or roller skating or just running around so much when I was a kid. I’m sorry many kids today don’t get to do that. I love your goal of living simply with less stuff and more space. That’s how I like to live too!

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