Stop Comparing

Comparison is a joy thief.

We start out happy for a friend buying a big house, and then a thought creeps in.

“Why do they get to move when I am stuck in this dump?”

Or a family member gets a fancy car.

“I work just as hard, so I deserve nice things too!”

That excitement for someone else’s life just came to a screeching halt. The joy was genuine, but now so is the indignation. Suddenly everyone else has the life we want. And we. Are. Ticked.

“Come on God. Am I invisible? Do You just love them more?” (OK maybe we won’t admit to being so juvenile, but we sure think this way!)

It has taken me until the middle of my thirties, but I am starting to see things differently. I see a God who loves me enough to give me what I need. I feel His eyes on me, working things out ahead of me. I will have or experience the things He prepares for me at the right time, and no sooner. I know I have it better than I deserve.

Did you get that? We have it better than we deserve. That’s the part we conveniently forget. If we are going to compare, we have to compare our lives to our neighbor AND to the poor. Sure we may not have extra bedrooms, but our children have beds. We have one or more cars while many kids have to walk miles a day to get clean water. Water. That stuff that comes out of our faucets, hot or cold.

We start to have tunnel vision and only see who has it better. The jealousy that emerges takes our joy and replaces it with bitterness. This is a self righteous anger that assumes a friend got what we deserve.

Umm, no.

We don’t deserve better stuff when a mom is working 3 jobs to barely put food on the table. We don’t deserve brand name clothes when there are kids who don’t have jackets. They wait for the bus and shiver against the wind and snow.

God does not have to bless us any more than He already has. But you know what? He wants to. Despite our whining and complaining, He loves to pour out His blessings on us. How cool is that?

Maybe the next time we start looking to our left and right and what they have, we should stop. We should look up and thank God for all He has given us and will give us.

There is no comparing how much God loves us. We are all the same in that way. When we see it like this, the indignation fades away and the joy returns.

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13 thoughts on “Stop Comparing

  1. So much truth here. And do you see this, can you sense this on social media, Sarah? Oh … look at all THEIR comments, THEIR followers, THEIR friends, THEIR books, THEIR guest posts, THEIR creative brainstorms.

    Sigh. So exhausting. Our eyes on everyone else. Instead of on Him.

    1. YES! Oh Linda, even the times I am aware of it, I still find it hard to stop.
      Just lately, I am realizing my future is different than others. That gives me peace.
      Have a blessed weekend, friend!

  2. Love the last statement you made, “There is no comparing how much God loves us. We are all the same in that way. When we see it like this, the indignation fades away and the joy returns.” Very encouraging to me. Stopping by from faith along the way to say hey and have a good day!

  3. Your words are so true, Sarah! We silly people love our extremes, don’t we? Rather than being grateful for our lives we look over one fence and say, “Well, it could be worse, I got be experiencing that!” then we look over the other fence and say, “It could be better. I want that!” What we should do is be thankful in ALL things.” It could be worse, but, I have eternal life!” “It could be better, but, I have eternal life!”Amen! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’m glad to have found you šŸ™‚ Have a blessed weekend!

  4. In my 30s, I stopped trying to be everything – and just started being who God designed me to be. It took awhile – but when the measuring stick changed to God’s measuring stick for me – So many things that I wasn’t designed to carry were put down – and the comparing stopped. You are in a time of a great reveal from God – so exciting!

  5. Very true! Such a great reminder. My eyes definitely need to be refocused when I start comparing. #saturdaysoiree

  6. Sarah this is a great post, filled with truth and conviction. How often I have found myself caught in the comparison trap. Especially when we live oversea. I was not good at language and at first I would compare myself with those who were and it would stop me from even trying. God begin to use the children in the village near us to show me they understood I cared for them even if I butchered their language. When the children know you are real the parents notice that and have great patience with someone who was dull in learning their language.

    1. That is amazing for you to learn another language! Many people would let that stop them from being a blessing.
      You are right, we don’t just compare our money and stuff, but our talents as well. We forget we are all designed unique and for a purpose!

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