Keep Pedaling

We have a recently opened bike trail and decided to teach our 6 year old to ride without training wheels. Her sister learned a few years ago by circling the parking lot across the street from our house (and falling into a bush. Hy-sterical.) With this child being the more reckless of the two, who would have thought this would not work? Not us!

She was terrified and at one point kept yelling “training wheels” like they would suddenly be back on.

But I was given a jolt when my husband told her one thing: keep pedaling. See, he was holding her up the whole time.

The. Whole. Time.

She was never in danger of falling with her daddy by her side. She could never get past her fear of getting hurt, even though all she had to do was trust and keep going.


She kept using excuses like “I’m scared” and just plain “I don’t want to.” She wouldn’t keep trying and push through the uncomfortable part to get to the fun.

My husband used brilliant motivations such as “look up!” “Don’t stop!” “I got you-you won’t fall!” All to no avail. She never dropped her defenses and let him help.

As frustrated as I was, I also felt sad for her. If she doesn’t learn to ride a bike, she will miss the freedom it brings. She won’t experience the exhilaration and the wind blowing her hair back. When her sister got her bike back, she had the time of her life. Her whoops and hollers could probably be heard for miles. She is learning new things like how to stand on the pedals and how to ride with her legs out to the side.  It is pure magic to watch!

How often do we act like this with God? You know those times He has something extraordinary planned for us? All we have to do is keep moving ahead. Look out and focus on what is out there. “Trust Me, I am holding your life in My hands,” He says.

But we look down and get scared. We think too much and stop in our tracks. We forget God is merciful and loving. He wants us to do amazing things. He wants us to have exhilarating experiences that change our lives. He gives us pure joy even when we try to push it away.

There are even some of us who don’t take off the training wheels. We don’t realize we have outgrown the baby bike, and God has something bigger in mind for us. How sad if we keep going and accept that this is how it will be forever.

If you are about to reject God’s plan, keep pedaling. Pedal your legs for all they’re worth and soon you will look back and wonder why you didn’t sooner!




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18 thoughts on “Keep Pedaling

  1. This is such a clear real time parable of how we sometimes fear so much that we forget God is never leaving our sides and that he (like your husband) ‘has us’ . Definitely something we need to remember so that we can enjoy life instead of fear it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love this reminder to always trust His calming voice and to grab a hold of his hand. Yes, he will allow us to experience many new things when we learn to trust Him completely! Thanks so much for sharing at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

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