Be Someone Worthy of Respect

Think about someone you admire. What is it about them that stands out? Their good looks? Their witty comebacks?

Most of us look up to people who are struggling and still have joy. They are fighting a battle yet manage to keep a sense of humor. They don’t have it all together in their lives, but they love and encourage others. They have realized that life is not all about them and that looking outside of themselves bring sweetness to their days.

Anyone can be happy when life is easy, but we really stand out when the situation is tough and we can genuinely smile and show strength. When our first instinct is to get back in bed and pull the covers over our head, but instead we get up and do what we have to do. Without complaining.

When we are kind and patient with people who continually set our nerves on edge. With a smile.

When our plans fall apart and the life we have created seems to be crumbling around us, and we turn to God. With praise and no hesitation.

When someone we love is sick and we just want to cry, but we keep trusting that everything will work out. With peace in our hearts.

The world is longing to see peace, love, and joy, and they need to see it in us. They need to see the blessed assurance we have in Jesus. The world needs to see that no matter what happens in our lives, it is well with our soul. The world needs to see that our soul can sing in difficult times because of how great God is. The world needs to see us cling to the old rugged cross, because we will exchange it some day for a crown.

Not enough people are modeling this, but people need to see it. We should remember the words of James, “Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” We need to keep in mind that when we come out on the other side of this trial, we will be better and stronger. Our faith will be deeper and our joy greater.

If we show the world how to act in difficult times, it will draw them to God like nothing else will. They will want a relationship with a heavenly Father who loves them. They will see that when they cast their burden on the Lord, He will sustain them.

Be the example the world needs to see.

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5 thoughts on “Be Someone Worthy of Respect

  1. Love this offering today, Sarah. I guess the women I’m most drawn to connecting to are real, they’re authentic, they’re not above sharing their stuff, but they don’t let it define them. I love those who encourage, who listen well, and who don’t gossip about others.

    And those who will take my hands and pray with me, for me.

    Now … to BE that person!


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