When God Goes Dark

Am I the only one who occasionally wonders where God is? No? Good. For those of you who never have this problem, just nod politely and pretend you do. When I need guidance and answers, sometimes I am met with nothing but silence. I don’t feel Him and assume He must have left the room. It can really feel like the spot He was just occupying next to me has grown cold.

Well guess what? He is always there. I am just not trying hard enough or not listening. Oh sure, I pray. I do my Bible study. Sometimes that works. Honestly, I don’t do that sit-still-and-let-Him-speak thing. Of course I try, but my mind starts wandering to a to-do list. It questions what I said the night before. Truly sitting and just being present with God? Rare for me.

There have been a lot of distractions on my book writing time lately. I kept wondering why God wasn’t speaking. I had been getting thoughts and ideas from Him, but they seemed to be dried up. Then I felt the nudge that I was supposed to start reading my Bible. More than verses I am told to read for studies and devotionals. Read the Bible for fun!

Now it isn’t like as soon as I did this, everything started flowing again. (That would have been nice!) And it isn’t like I am good at it. (Sorry Lord!) There have been missed days. But I know I need to get into this habit. To dig in every day. To be excited about what will be revealed to me. To bind myself closer to Jesus every day.

That is the important part ins’t it? To learn more about God each day. To be entrenched in the Word and to have it pour into me. When it pours into me, it is more likely to come out of me and spill onto those around me. When I have God’s Word continually in my heart, I will live the right way. This world can easily dampen my mood, dull my senses, and distract me. To keep my God-fire burning bright, I need to have that steady stream.

Over all the years I have been a Christian, I have not maintained a Bible reading habit. As important as it is, I made excuses for the times I have been lacking. Time, already doing a study, it is boring, blah blah blah. The truth is that I have time if I make this a priority. Bible studies are great, but I also need to get God’s words directly from the source if I want to be effective. And really, it is only boring if I think it is going to be. If I go into it assuming I am going to get some truth with a capital T from it, and pray and ask God to speak to me, it is the furthest from boring. Like anything, reading the Bible is all about what I put into it and my expectations. I have learned to expect great things!

If anyone reading this has felt like God has been silent lately, I recommend picking up your Bible and letting Him speak again. That really is all it takes.

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6 thoughts on “When God Goes Dark

  1. It is always necessary to spend time close to Him in prayer and His Word, but there are days where it is just hard. That is part of the trial, I think. The choosing Him daily in every way possible and then we can begin to hear that gentle whisper, that really has been there speaking all along. 🙂

  2. I do think we’ve all been there, wondering where God is. I’m thankful for time in the Word too that can often open my ears again to hear where he’s been all along. Thanks for sharing this.

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