Perfect Gift for Grads

A few years ago I was given an old Bible I didn’t know existed. When my parents were first married, someone gave this little Bible to Mom, but she only used it for a short time. Her main one she used for years is with my sister.

God knew right when I would start needing it-the times I started coming under attack. For years I wasn’t really doing much to challenge Satan, so I was off his radar. Once I began to grow, this Bible came in handy.

My Dad found it and sent it to me. Within weeks it was being used to comfort me. God’s timing is perfect!

One night after my first (and hopefully last) panic attack, I was too anxious to sleep. Even though I felt better, it still seemed like I might not wake up. I picked up the Bible and saw where Mom had marked Psalm 91. My strong, courageous, faithful Mom had fear! That astounded me! At this point, I can (and did that day) pick up the phone and call my Dad, but reading this also comforted me. I knew I would be OK.


When Mom was growing up, she went to church every Sunday. However it wasn’t until she was grown up and went to Bible school that she really began to understand God’s love. I love seeing how she underlined and starred 1 John 3. It is like I can see a light bulb turning on. She got it!


This Bible is not the only one I have, but I have been using it lately and underlining phrases and verses. Knowing how much it has meant to me, I am hopeful it will have meaning for my girls. When they go off to college, I will give each of them a Bible of mine. Being away from home for the first time after living with many rules has the potential to lead them astray. I pray that having God’s Word to turn to, as well as passages that gave me comfort and hope, will keep them going in the right direction. The times they are too embarrassed to come to me for advice I want them to look in here. Always look here first actually!

Carrying a Bible of a parent can give confidence to a young adult trying to make their way in the world. When my girls see that I went through something similar or felt the same fear, it can show them they are never alone in a way that they may not get from my words. Seeing that Jesus assured me may be just what their heart needs at that moment. If they hadn’t craved the Bible before, I have faith this will help!

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6 thoughts on “Perfect Gift for Grads

  1. I love this, Sarah. We have my Grandma’s old Bibles and it’s such a double blessing to hear from God as I also see how she listened to His voice. She also wrote prayers in the back of her Bible for us that have brought life change to my family. What a great idea to give a Bible to each kiddo as they leave for college. I have several more years to go before then…my kids are not even in school yet. But I’ll blink and it will be here and on that day I’ll thank you again for this idea. Glad to meet you at Holley’s place today. xoxox

  2. Sarah,
    What a lovely post! I wish I had my grandmother’s worn Bible since I remember her reading it through the nights when she couldn’t sleep. I love the idea that you’ll give your girls a Bible that belonged to you so they’ll not only have God’s word with them but a chance to see what you found important, comforting and inspiring in your Bible!

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