11 Things I Love More About My Husband Now Than 11 Years Ago


This weekend we are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. Here is a picture of us dancing to “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses at our beautiful beach wedding. Instead of doing a “11 things I have learned about marriage” type of post, this is what came to me. Besides, that sounded harder than bragging about my husband!

1. His face-Knowing that I get to look at his face for the rest of our lives is definitely not something I appreciated then as much as now. Not everyone will get the privilege of growing old together, so I am thankful.

2. His laugh-We were friends for a few years before dating, and he will always be my best friend. We make each other laugh, and sometimes that is all you need. (Well, that and patience.)

3. His presence-Sitting on the porch swing, in the car, or at a restaurant-really the location is not important. I just love being near him!

4. He calms me-I am the worrier and he is the anti-worrier. We balance each other. The times he has worried really freaked me out because I knew it must be bad!

5. His work ethic-For years, this man told me how lazy he is. But over and over again in his career, I have seen different. I can not express enough how grateful I am that he works so hard for this family.

6. Him as a Dad-This man with only brothers is an amazing Daddy to girls. They love to build with him and read with him. I know it is overwhelming to come home to 3 females, but he has perfected the art of nodding and at times pretending to listen.

7. His cooking-When we got married, I worked full time outside of the house. He did the cooking and I cleaned. Now that I am home, he still enjoys cooking on the weekend. He loves to put surprise ingredients into the burgers and have us guess what it is.

8. He makes me happy-He knows me and knows I try not to spend money on myself. He likes to encourage me to do things for myself. I guess he has learned the truth of “happy wife, happy life.”

9. He fixes things-I found a man who is handy. He fixes appliances and electrical when he can. He builds beautiful furniture. In the beginning I had no idea how much money this would save us!

10. Our journey-If someone had told me 11 years ago that we would teach elementary Sunday school together or that we would still be living in the house we bought then, I would not have believed them. This life is a journey and isn’t it a good thing we don’t know what will happen?

11. His support-My goals and life have changed over the years. Without his support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be who I am today or going in the direction I am going. We are a team and I am so happy we get to be together day in and day out.

For better for worse.

In sickness and in health.

For richer for poorer.

Happy anniversary James! I love you!

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10 thoughts on “11 Things I Love More About My Husband Now Than 11 Years Ago

  1. This is beautiful!!! I love how you appreciate every aspect of him and brag on him to the world. So often marriage and husbands get a bad reputation, yet as a Christian, we are called to love unconditionally no matter what the circumstance. Happy anniversary! Enjoy every last minute!

    1. Hehe you know me!
      Actually I bought fancy white flip flops and then left them at home. I was broken. Hearted. So my aunt let me borrow hers for the few minutes I wore shoes at all! 🙂

  2. This brought tears to my eyes – in a good way! 🙂 . I am touched beyond words for the sweet love and appreciation you have for your husband. I celebrate with you the happiness you have found in your marriage. Happy Anniversary! By the way is there a story behind dancing to “Patience” Sounds like it was sure worth waiting for! 😉

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! What a beautiful post. As my husband and son are the talkers in my bunch, I can relate to nodding my head and pretending to listen… but isn’t marriage a beautiful ride??? Thanks for making me think of what I appreciate in my man.

    1. Thanks Lauren!
      Sometimes I feel like I have been relegated to the listener side with 2 chatty girls. 🙂
      It is always good to be reminded to appreciate what we have! Glad I could assist.

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