Do You Give Hilariously?

God loves a cheerful giver. We all know that. When I heard that God loves a hilarious giver, it caught my eye. The Greek word used in 2 Corinthians 9:7 is only in the Bible once, and it is “hilaros.” It is the root for our word hilarious.

Think about laughter. When one person starts, it is contagious. Before you know it, the whole room is crying from laughing so hard. You just can’t stop. When you try, something sets you off and it goes around again. Giving is like that. When you give with a happy heart, people see. They see the lightness you feel. They see the difference you are making. They see God surprising you with blessings. Are you a contagious giver?


When you give  hilariously, it is joy spilling out of you. Joy wells up and can’t be contained when you give. The more you give, the more satisfaction and contentment overflow. The word hilarious is not meant for a polite laugh or a small giggle. It is boisterous, convulsive, exhilarating, noisy, uproarious. The very nature of it is excitement that is meant to be obvious. Giving should not be done so you can be known from it, but it should produce explosive joy. Do you exude wild joy from giving?

The other picture that hilarious giving brings to my mind is God laughing. Since generosity comes from Him, He loves nothing more than seeing us-His creation-loving each other by giving our resources for His kingdom. I see Him on His throne. He is leaning forward to get a better look and then He throws back His head and gives a good belly laugh. His crown almost falls off His head. All of heaven shakes as He does. He just can’t contain His excitement when you truly get it! I can hear the people in heaven say, “Oh, someone must be giving again,” as they feel the vibration. God gets a twinkle in His eye when you give. He is so proud of you! He created you to bless others as you have been blessed. Are you pleasing God by blessing others?

As consumers and residents of this earth, it is easy to feel stressed about giving. But if we look at it the way God does, that unease turns into joy. There is a snowball effect that happens when giving begins. Start small and look for ways to be a blessing. Pretty soon the joy will be activated and hilarious giving will ensue.

Start giving and see how God pours out His blessings on you and those around you!



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10 thoughts on “Do You Give Hilariously?

  1. Sarah, I just about fell off my chair with your hilarious description of God laughing when we give! Especially the vision of Him laughing so hard His crown almost falls off His head. Made me laugh out loud! Your true words also touched my heart remembering the joy giving brings. Thank you for giving us the gift of this hilarious post! 😉

  2. I love this! I didn’t know the original word was hilarious–but it makes sense if giving is to be a blessing, it can’t very well bless US if we have a grimace on our face as we search for a dollar bill in our purse when the giving plate comes around during church service!

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