More Than Enough

God I praise You for who You are

You exceed my expectations

You wake me up each morning

When not everyone gets that privilege

You put the sun in the sky or a gentle breeze

Just to remind me You are here

You give me food-more options than I need

To sustain me

You place me in a family

One who shows me Your love

You allow me to live in a house with more than one room

While others don’t

You grant us two cars

And others don’t even have one

You provide us with enough clothes for multiple families

Yet we are only one

You keep me healthy

Even when I don’t appreciate it

You have patience for me

When I whine that I don’t have enough

You let me live in a country where I can worship You freely

Without fear of persecution

You created me just right and placed me in the right place and time

I trust You with my future

I don’t ask for anything more than I have

Because it is more than enough

You are so generous to me

I want to bask in Your love

To linger in Your peace

To bathe in Your joy

To live in Your presence

All the days of my life



Linking with Holley Gerth




14 thoughts on “More Than Enough

  1. This was so beautiful. I’m going to print it out to look at for Thanksgiving. Also, I want to thank you for so many of your encouraging words on my blog because those words really do mean a lot.

  2. Sarah,
    I love this — “to linger in your peace and bathe in your joy” — what a beautiful visual! God does give us so much that we sometimes take it for granted since it’s so familiar. Love how you draw our attention to see what gifts they really are from a heavenly father who graciously gives us so much!

  3. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that we have enough. More than enough. We have so much–we have been blessed–so that we can be a blessing (not so that we can revel in our blessings and simply shake our heads on sadness over the plight of others).

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