Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl,

You know how you had to tell your baby girl she couldn’t paint her fingernails the other day? Remember telling her she is too young to do it herself, that she is not ready? Remember how your heart broke as she tried to be brave and keep her tears in? Now you know how I feel when I tell you you aren’t ready for the next step that you want so badly. When your tears flow freely down your cheeks. Just like your six year old is your baby, you will always be My baby. Just like you want to prepare her, so do I. As you protect her heart, I protect yours.


She can’t understand why her sister gets to do things she can’t. You are the same sometimes when a friend gets what they want ahead of you. You whine and yell and get frustrated. You plead with Me until you realize it’s no use and give up. You forget that I hold your future in My hand. I want what is best for you, and that may take some waiting.

Just like your child has to learn to trust you, you have to learn to trust Me. Just like you surprise your child with ice cream or a toy, I love to dazzle you. But you have to stop looking at what you think you want and put your assurance in Me for that to happen. You can’t possibly know what is around that bend, but I do. I have been preparing it since the beginning of time, and that is all you need to know right now.

My dear child, I have loved you with an everlasting love. If you will trust my unfailing love, I will bring you to places you don’t even dare to dream about. When I unveil My plan, tears of joy will spill out and you will marvel at how I accomplished it. There will be highs and lows between now and then, but hang on. When you feel tempted to let go, grab hold of Me tighter.

I have plans for your family, plans for your ministry. We have many years together, as long as you remain in Me. Put your future in My capable hands and let me show you where I want you to go.

I love you more than you can possibly know.


your Father



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8 thoughts on “Dear Baby Girl

  1. This is one of the ,most beautiful things I have read Sarah! TRouche my heart deep down. I felt God’s tender love with every word. Thank for all the things we need to be reminded of …especially when things aren’t going our way.

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