Restless: Finding Our Purpose

Why are we afraid to dream big? Why are we sometimes even afraid to say what we are thinking of doing? How about if I go first!

I have spent time making lists and thinking about who I am and what I am here for. (I got the book Restless by Jennie Allen a few months ago. This is not a review, but the book is AWESOME!) Making these lists led to brainstorming ways to put traits and experiences together. Remember, brainstorming doesn’t mean everything will happen, but it lets your mind run free.

-Start a Bible study for moms in my neighborhood.

-Befriend older people who may be lonely and want to tell me stories.

-The girls and I can bake cookies or muffins for said elders.

-Invite people over for coffee more.

-As my girls get older, be the house they hang out at. When kids start to be home alone after school, have them come to our house.

-Write a book about intentional spending. And maybe other topics!

-Teach Lauren to cross stitch. She has an idea to sell items she cross stitches to raise money for poor and homeless kids. I will help her any way I can.

-Start a home prayer group.

-Never turn down an opportunity to give. (This will take a lifetime to master.)

-Never hide my flaws and mistakes from people.

See, I’m relational. I crave interaction but discovered I prefer one on one or small groups over larger groups. Having my Grandma live with us for years and spending lots of time with my Mimi and Papaw gave me a love of older generations and hearing their wisdom. Losing Mom at age 23 helps me understand others’ loss. Moving around forced me to meet people easily.

I think I can do the most for people through words. Sometimes on paper or computer, but more often in person. All the polite talk, the small talk, gets in the way of deep personal relationships. People are starving for real communication and eye contact. They want to see that someone gets it and know they aren’t the only one going through it. Β They want to know they aren’t crazy. I prefer to go below the surface than to talk about the weather. (Well, we can talk about the weather for a minute. It’s too COLD!) I want to know how someone is feeling and what they are thinking. Anyone who reads my blog knows I tend to live my life as an open book. If I am going through something or feeling a certain way, I know others are too.

How about you? What are some of the experiences you have had that can be combined with your personality? God doesn’t waste any of it and will use it for His glory. Big or small, good or bad, they all add up to who you are. Let them bring God glory!



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12 thoughts on “Restless: Finding Our Purpose

  1. Great word for us Sarah! I always jot my random thoughts in my prayer journal so I don’t forget them, and especially don’t forget to do them. I love how God helps us to be creative. So many times when I follow through I find that it was just what the recipient needed.

  2. Sarah, as I read this, I couldn’t help but think that much of what you wrote describes what your dad has been doing for the last decade and more. Years ago, in Boston, someone gave him a “word from the Lord” that was simultaneously wonderful and confusing. It has taken years of hard work, waiting on the Lord’s timing, reading and thinking and praying and planning and too many lists to count! — but the Lord is fulfilling His purposes and you can rejoice in your dad’s faithfulness to the call of the Lord on his life! I see the same determination in you to follow where you sense God is leading you and I say, Yes, Lord! She is all in! Do Your best for her! Love, Rebecca

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