Pause on Black Friday

I just wanted to show you a picture of one of my favorite Christmas gifts. It cost a dollar.


Seven years ago, when our oldest was a year and a half, James and I took her to the Dollar Store. We wanted Lauren to pick out gifts to give her grandparents and uncles on Christmas. Our hope was that she would select something just for each person and see the joy it gave them. While we were there, I saw this mug and said how much I liked it.

Christmas morning arrived, and Lauren surprised me with the mug I wanted. James had taken her back to the store without me and bought it. He listened and remembered. Isn’t that all we really want? We want gifts that show someone put thought into them. They either paid attention when we saw something we liked or they picked something they know we will enjoy. Doesn’t it make you feel cherished to get a gift like that? You are known.

So as you are shopping in the next few weeks, remember your gift doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive. Think about who each person is and what will bring them joy. And don’t be embarrassed if it only costs a dollar. It may be their favorite gift this year.



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18 thoughts on “Pause on Black Friday

  1. I love that! A one dollar gift that you loved and remembered 7 years later. Sometimes we feel we need to spend a certain amount on a gift, but it’s really not true. 🙂 It’s thoughtfulness for that specific person that speaks the loudest.

  2. What a sweet story Sarah! So true. Listening and remembering are such precious gifts. Thank you for the reminder of the little things we receive that mean so much and that thinking of what would bring someone joy is the best way to shop. Asking myself ‘what can I give you’ instead of ‘what can I buy you’ works for me too.

    1. It becomes more fun when we want to find the perfect gift instead of feeling like we have to get someone a gift. I think it helps to figure out what will bring them joy. 🙂

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