I Expect God to Act

Not gonna lie, yesterday was a brutal start to the week. Being positive was not what I wanted-I wanted to whine and fume and yell. Instead I looked up the verse of the day on YouVersion. It was from Psalm 42, so I read the chapter in several translations.

David’s soul is downcast, so he turns to God. He talks about times that were better and about how God continually pours out love. In the end, David reminds himself that he will again have plenty of reasons to praise God. He puts his hope in all that God is going to do.

I love that! All too often when something doesn’t go the way I want, I get stuck in a negative loop. “It’s never going to happen.” “That person is never going to change.” “I will never be good at this.” “My family will never want to do this.” Those are the beginnings of loops I have been wrung through.

The only times I should be saying never is “God will never stop loving me.” “God will never leave me.” “God never requires me to be perfect.” With God, I have all I need.

When I feel the urge to get stuck in that loop, I need God to help me bust out of it. I need to stop and pray-for guidance, strength, peace, or whatever I need at that moment. I must focus on times He came through for me or read about times like that in the Bible. I should admit my feelings like David did. But then I have to push past them and not wallow. David knew God had his best interest at heart and proved it with his changed attitudes in the Psalms.

Here is my new loop. “God, You are all I need. You have a plan for my life. I trust You.”



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27 thoughts on “I Expect God to Act

  1. I’m so grateful we can tell God exactly where we are … be completely honest and upfront since He knows what’s happening for us, anyway. He lets us know that He hears us … and yes, the gratitude wells up in praise.

    Thanks for taking us there, Sarah. And I hope that the week gets better as you move through it!

  2. What a great perspective! I’ve been stuck in a loop, well several actually, but one in particular and this gives me hope that I can get out of it! I love how you showed the negative “It’s never going to happen!” but then turned it around to a positive “God will never stop loving me.” That was awesome! Thanks for allowing God to use you in a mighty way.

  3. I thought I’d responded (wordpress fights me). I definitely get stuck in a negative loop, and it can take a lot to fix it. I pray and remind myself of God’s promise, and His plan. It takes a lot sometimes, as I’m super stubborn, but eventually it sinks in.

  4. Sarah,
    I just love how God speaks to us through his word right to where we are! I’m trying to change my anxious thoughts, too, to thoughts of adoration to God and hope that if I keep at it, it will spill over into other areas of my life — replacing old thought pathways with gratefulness to God for who he is and what he’s abundantly blessed me with. Praying for you too, friend! 🙂

  5. We all have these negative times. Mine seem to be worse when winter sets in. Where I live in Upstate NY, it has more than it’s share of gloom, (most of the year) so it’s hard to be positive. Truth telling is the only way–you got it!

    1. I get that way in winter, even here in the south. Between the cold and gray, nothing seems good. I am so glad we can rest in who God is on those days. He really is with us, especially on those days!

  6. Love the prayer – I keep having to remind myself the same things over and over. I just started something new that I think (hope) is going to instill more hope and positivity in the whole family. Every time we get to a red light, we say something we’re thankful for. Trying it as a way to prompt prayer throughout the day, but boy does it make something undesirable (a red light) into a joyful moment.

  7. “God, You are all I need. You have a plan for my life. I trust You.” Oh yeah. That one needs to be copied down. That one if frame worthy! May God continue to bless you and your words, Sarah.

  8. Awesome, Sarah. I, too, get caught up in that negative loop. I love the positive nevers – “God will never stop loving me,” etc, we can tell ourselves. Love the prayer, too! Thank you for this encouraging reminder!

  9. I love reading the Psalms. Sometimes we just need to pour it all out to God and be honest, and it’s amazing how our attitude can change. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! 🙂

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