Call Me Old School


At our last Bible study meeting, our leader had hand made cards for us. She put them together and wrote a note to each of us. What she said in mine makes me want to cry every time I read it.

Yes, I said every time. Her words are so sweet and encouraging and I keep reading them. While it’s true I could reread an email, it just isn’t the same. A piece of paper is something I can hold in my hands. There is a more genuine feel to it than any other form. And if I am down and want to read it months from now, I just pick it up. If I get tears on it, it won’t be the end of the world. I can carry it around and show it to people (which I have already done) easier on paper than an email that I have to scroll to find.

Besides, who doesn’t love to get mail that isn’t a bill?

Maybe growing up with a Grandma who wrote letters every day (even though she could barely see) is holding me back in another time. Maybe. But people loved getting them from her. Especially me, when I was away at college. Of course we could have picked up the phone. There is just something special in the written word. These words can be savored and when the memory of them fades, they can be read again. A special letter can be kept close to your heart.

Whether true or not, I feel a letter takes more thought and energy. Hand delivered or mailed, it requires a conscious effort that typing does not. It is never an afterthought. Sitting down with paper and pen and maybe stamp and address book is different than hitting “send” on a phone. Maybe it is because I write, but the physical act of writing a letter relieves stress. When I think of what to say and how good it will make the recipient feel, my day gets exponentially better. When I can brighten a day and lift a spirit, why wouldn’t I?

Over time I have gone through phases of writing notes to people. I would make it a habit and then life would get in the way. I think now how much happier the world would be if we each wrote a note once a week. We could bring joy and healing to a heart that needs it. We could leave a lasting imprint with words of truth.

New Year’s resolution, anyone?

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24 thoughts on “Call Me Old School

  1. Yes!! I love getting and writing cards and letters- although I don’t do it as often as I should! : ) That sounds like an awesome resolution.. a letter a day…hmm….

  2. I love this post! I used to write a lot of notes. But when I finally capitulated to writing three (3!) just last week, it was a Herculean effort! I keep pretty note cards in my Quiet Time basket to send out a Word or two, but have stopped for the most part. You are so right and I will start again. Thanks so much! It helps to have stamps nearby, I’ve found. Every day? No, but much more than before. Thanks, sarah.

  3. So true Sarah- I like to make my own cards too- but always gets put at the bottom of my list then never happens- need to change that- Thanks for reminding me of the value of cards today!! šŸ™‚

  4. This is so me. I love to write letters to people. i have a friend who is states away and our main form of communication for years was only through letters. It’s a high when you get a carefully written letter from someone. That they actually cared to send. My mom is like that about letters. Always writing them. Have you ever seen the movie , The Letter Writer? (its on NetFlix or at a local Christian book store) I watched it with my six year old this past year at least 3 times. She was so taken with the idea that we started sending anonymous notes of encouragement to people. She was so happy!

  5. What a treasure. A hand-crafted card. Words written carefully with pen and ink. Encouragement that we can hold on to during those days where we feel low.

    What a gift. To give, to get. Thanks for this Sarah. This post has been a gift in and of itself …

  6. Sarah,
    I love handwritten notes and letters and consider it quite a gift that the sender would take the time to write something to me instead of type it in a text or email. I love reading vintage letters and cards too, that I find in antique shops — I think it’s always a window into someone’s thoughts and it’s priceless!

  7. I love letters and hand written notes! I have kept them for years before, and some from my husband I have from the first week we started dating šŸ™‚ Maybe it’s because we’re bloggers, words written matter more? šŸ˜‰ Anyway, such a good reminder, maybe I’ll go write a note to someone tonight!

  8. I love me some real letters, too! I’ve done a couple of rounds of the #fmfpartysnailmail version (the Five-Minute Friday gang sends letters and notes to each other in an old-fashioned pen-pal match up). I also just finished writing personal notes to all of the parents of my students–I even used a fountain pen (because I write neater that way ;)).

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