Resolution: More of Jesus

Call me a sucker for loving New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t bother me. Growing up, I would watch Dick Clark ring it in. By midnight my family would be asleep and I was left alone. Every year. Our first year in Georgia 16 years ago, I went downtown to watch the peach drop. Let’s just say that experience cemented the fact that I will never go to New York to watch. Nope. Now the girls stay up with us and I am teaching anticipation to the next generation. New Year’s has never lost its luster for me!

There is something about the day that gives me hope. Whether the year has been good or bad, a whole new one is about to unroll. How can you not be excited about that? A fresh start if one is needed or more chances for great events.

2014 has taught me so much. I can plan all I want, but my plans don’t hold a candle to what God wants to do for me and through me. I have finished my first year of blogging, and God keeps pulling me farther from my comfort zone and closer to where He is. I have been encouraged by many friends-both new and old. And I have been able to encourage those who need it. My prayer life has exploded, and I have had the privilege of praying for requests from people I never thought would ask. I have been able to speak on the radio and on a podcast. Our family began spending in a way that allowed us to give more, which has blessed us more than we thought possible. God has been at the center of it all, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Beyond moving in the beginning of 2015, I am not making plans for the year. God has been dropping surprises in my lap, things that weren’t on my radar. I am afraid of what I wouldn’t see and experience if I get too rigidly focused on my ideas. When I think I know what is best, I end up disappointed.

I am choosing to keep building my relationship with God so I can be aware of opportunities He wants me to accept or decline. I want to know when I need to keep waiting or act. Staying right by God’s side is the only way I know how to be in tune with Him. When I ask for His help on a decision, He makes it clear.

While I am human and live in this world, I will have to make some plans. But I intend to hold loosely to them. Once we move, I will continue writing this blog and write more about intentional spending. (Whether it turns into a book or not, we will see.) I am going to start Gina Duke‘s Prayer Closet journal method to keep track of my prayers.

Overall, I want to help people find Jesus and keep Him. I have never been as outspoken for my beliefs as this past year. That is part of walking out on the waters where Jesus called me, and I want to continue to obey. 2015 is going to be a great year now matter what happens, because I have Jesus with me.

He gives me all the hope I need.

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18 thoughts on “Resolution: More of Jesus

  1. happy new year, dear Sarah! how good God has been to let us walk through these past months together! can’t wait to see what He’s going to be doing in the days to come. your companionship along the way has been a delight!

    hugs, friend.

  2. Sarah, I so agree with your words here… “God has been dropping surprises in my lap, things that weren’t on my radar. I am afraid of what I wouldn’t see and experience if I get too rigidly focused on my ideas.” …holding all things loosely…trusting Him … Many blessings to you and your sweet family in the new year❤️

  3. Love this Sarah…thank you for the encouragement…and the much needed reminder as we face 2015 is more of Jesus is really all we need!! And thank you for commenting on my post. It was the first time I ever linked up…still shaking in my boots when it comes to being vulnerable with my writing. So it is great to be amongst encouraging believers!! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  4. There was so much good stuff here, Sarah and amen to growing in the grace and knowledge of Him – every day. This caught my eye and pricked my heart – “I am teaching anticipation to the next generation.” So important and what a valuable lesson to pass on – to be expectant of all that God can do. Love it! Thanks for sharing, friend!

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