Letter to a Missionary Friend

Dear Malissa,

Can I tell you you are my hero?

You and Jake picked up and changed your lives to love on those children in Guatemala. You and your kids will have a huge impact at the orphanage! You heard the call and said “yes, Lord.” You are showing your children how to love God well, by taking care of others.

Speaking of your three-they are amazing, polite, fun children. We are in awe of how special they are! You and Jake are wonderful parents. This time in Guatemala will help your kids grow in ways they wouldn’t here. They are learning empathy, kindness, and what is truly important. They will see that they don’t really need stuff to have joy, and a lot of that is from watching you.

I am so proud of you for pushing past any fear. You have taken on learning Spanish and are really coming along. That isn’t easy as an adult! You are teaching in a whole other country and culture. You will keep learning and I pray you embrace all the time you have there. Savor the memories you are making. There will be frustrating days, but you will handle them with grace and courage.

Your smile and laughter are contagious. You are full of life, and I am full of admiration for you! I am so glad we became friends last year. You make me want to say “yes” to whatever God asks of me.

Imagine the difference you are making. You are teaching those sweet kids and loving them like no one else could. God put you there because your family is just the right fit. There are no mistakes!

You are making a difference for us back at home as well. Our family is changed through praying and sponsoring your time there. We see your faith and wants ours to grow. We see your convictions and resolve to strengthen ours. We see you teaching your kids serving by example and decide to do it too. You will never fully know the difference you are making this side of eternity.

Keep going, sweet friend. Your family is doing what you were born to do. God has you in the palm of His hand, which is the safest place to be. He will be with you wherever you go, and I know He is smiling down at you.

Keep your trust in God and serve Him with your whole heart. Never forget how important your work is and that your obedience to this call is changing lives. We love you and are beyond proud of you five!


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8 thoughts on “Letter to a Missionary Friend

  1. I am in awe, as well, of those who lay this life in America aside for reaching others in a place far from home. Their sacrifice is great and their faith is encouraging! These are encouraging words for your friend and for all those who live their life in such a way. Thank you!

  2. Interesting! My daughter wants to go to Guatemala this summer to intern with an orphanage. Her long-term goals are here in the states, but she loves doing mission work in Central America. So I loved reading this letter about your friends. Thanks for sharing!

  3. these are the ones who inspire, who show us how to live life without fear or reservation. self-sacrificial, Christ-followers.

    this is who I want to be when I grow up. and will that day ever come?

    thanks for this thought-provoking letter, Sarah. i needed to read it …

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