Incredibly Important Things My Girls Fight About

Don’t get me wrong-my kids love each other. They can go long stretches being sweet and playing together. Until it stops. I started keeping track of why they were whining and yelling over this long weekend. Rather than getting irritated, I am choosing to find the humor.

Happy Meal toys-They agreed while we were in McDonald’s on who got which toy. I should have known it was too easy. We got in the car and within minutes they were fighting about whether they “traded” or “borrowed” during an exchange.

Taking the dog out-Who gets to take him out? Because, you know, they can’t go together or anything.

Why did you take my seat belt off? Yes, there was punishment for this one because it is dangerous. Not sure we ever found out why….

You stole my quarter-“No, I found it.” Yeah, in the backseat that only you two sit in. Just give her back her quarter.

Whether their stuffed animals are friends with them-I can’t make this stuff up, but my girls can.

Don’t call me queen-Allllright. I guess I can see that, as Disney never makes queens look good?

What they can or can’t say to each other’s stuffed animals-Yes, they do take stuffed animal play seriously.

What an unpolished emerald looks like-they both apparently know and have completely different ideas. One was talking from real life science class. The other was referring to what they look like in Minecraft. Yep, you read that right.

I am sure that this bickering is preparing them for a lifetime of being best friends. I don’t want to wait until then to laugh about it, so I am starting now!

Hope this brightened your day!

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18 thoughts on “Incredibly Important Things My Girls Fight About

  1. My sister and I fought like cats and dogs endlessly when we were kids. It made my parents crazy.

    But something very beautiful happened once we started our own families.

    We love each other now. Still different as night and day. But there for each other like no one else could ever be. I expect to grow old together, cackling away, crooning a song at a moment’s notice. And truly GETTING each other.

    I’m grateful. And this post? So fun …

    Hugs, Sarah! Have a great one …

    1. My sister and I became closest once she went to college! I do look forward to growing old with her, so I am glad my girls have each other. There is no friend like a sister πŸ™‚

  2. Haha! This made me laugh out loud. I especially like “What they can or can’t say to each other’s stuffed animals”. Thanks for sharing your life with us and for giving me a laugh. Loved it!

  3. Oh, this made me laugh! Our girls are 17 months apart, and we always read them the Spider Sisters book to encourage them to get along and have each other’s backs. They are now 22 and 20 and consider each other to be their best friend. This too shall pass!

  4. This post made me laugh Sarah. My sister (sara without the h) and I used to be exactly like that. And I can promise you that we did NOT kill each other. πŸ™‚ Oh this takes me back to some fun memories…but my poor mother. Oh what we put my poor mother through. LOL!

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