My Faith is Not Like a Child

I got nothing on my girls. Except years…..I want their faith. I want to be told that God will take care of me and fully believe it.

Yesterday was the girls’ first day at a new school. We got to the first grader’s class and she immediately hugged her teacher. We have told her this is going to be great and she accepted that as truth. She will miss her old teacher and friends, but she knows there will be lots more. The four of us are on an adventure, and she is ready!

The third grader is naturally more nervous and reserved. She was somewhat stiff when she got to her class. I hate that she is already growing up and worrying.

When they got off the bus after school, I could feel their excitement. They (of course) had awesome days and I had been worrying myself all day for them. Even the third grader said she made 3 friends (at least. Guess there could be more she is not aware of!) Both girls enjoyed their first day and were ready for day two this morning.

They aren’t worried about making friends.

They aren’t worried about whether or not they are behind.

They are not worried about how nice their teachers REALLY are.

They are enjoying each day for what they are: another chance for fun.

More than anything right now, I want to remember that my children are in God’s hands and that I need to release them to Him. Worrying about their days won’t make a hill of beans of difference. He will take care of them.

I must choose to see my days as a chance for adventure, a chance for God to work. He put us in this house, this neighborhood, and in this school for a reason. I have been praying He bring the right people in our lives and He will.

I just need faith like my girls.

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12 thoughts on “My Faith is Not Like a Child

  1. Oh, amen, Sarah. When look at my daughters, now in their mid-30s … and their children? That’s where I learn life’s best lessons, see the silver lining in the clouds, find the humor and the grace.

    I’m so grateful for this lovely schoolday gift your sweet girls have shared with you! May the rest of the week go smoothly and bring smiles to you all …


  2. I was relating to this post. I worry for my son often too, and he isn’t even in school yet. It is nice to hear how well your girls are doing. Yes, child-like faith is beautiful.

  3. I love how kids can be so open to change and so adaptable. I wish I could make new friends so easily, drop into new places and new situations with such ease, start over with so few worries.

  4. Sarah,
    New days in a new place, no matter how much we’ve dreamed of them, are sometimes difficult and challenging. I wanted to move to my sister’s neighborhood but once I did, I cried on the way to work just because it felt so different from my old side of town! But I love the bravery of your girls to not worry and yes, how wonderful to adopt that same sense of adventure for your new days in a new house!

    1. Funny how it can be so exciting and scary at the same time! I think we too often want everything to be comfortable right away, but that isn’t how growth works. everything in its time!

  5. Oh I can so relate. We haven’t been as active in church yet, due to my being a single Mom. We are trying now but my son’s unrelenting and unquestioning faith and determination amaze me and renew me every day.

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