Flip Negative Self Talk

“I am a good cook. I enjoy cooking.”

That is what I have begun telling myself. I guess I have been doing too much negative self talk lately. All the dinners where one family member doesn’t like what I serve have led me to tell myself I am a bad cook. (Except taco night. Apparently we can all always agree on tacos!) Even knowing it is their bad taste and not my cooking skills didn’t help me defeat these feelings.

Years ago (pre-kids) I did the cleaning, laundry, and dishes while my husband cooked. He likes cooking more than me, and somewhere down the road I changed it to “I don’t like to cook.” (What I actually dislike is planning a menu each week. Can I get an amen?)

These self crushing words became my identity. My burden to bear. Sigh. It’s already time to make dinner. Didn’t I just do this yesterday? I put on my poor pitiful me attitude and acted like it was my punishment.

Y’all, I get to make dinner for my family! I get to choose what to feed them! It is a privilege to sit down and talk about our day in a safe place. It is time I will never get back. I can be miserable and put upon or I can dance. I can have fun and be fun.

So this week I decided to change the talk in my head. It starts in my brain and works its way to my heart. I tell myself that I can cook and that I enjoy it. I am starting to believe myself and know it’s true. I didn’t have the thoughts happen overnight, so I don’t expect them to reverse overnight. It is a process.

Some of you might be thinking you love to cook so this doesn’t apply to you. But what task is it that you dread and tell yourself you are bad at or just don’t like doing? Laundry or doing the dishes? Helping with homework? The commute to work? Meetings at work?

Maybe you just need to flip those thoughts. Tell yourself you like doing that task. You are the best at it because you were put in charge of it. Keep reminding yourself and soon you will start believing it.

Life is too short to avoid things that are necessary and beneficial. Life is too short to not have joy in all aspects of life. If we learn to embrace each part of the day, those negative thoughts don’t stand a chance!

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8 thoughts on “Flip Negative Self Talk

  1. You are so spot on Sarah. It really is about thinking and taking the optimistic approach to things we don’t really enjoy. I used to hate doing laundry (ok, let’s get real, i still do), but now I use the time when I’m folding the big piles of clothes to pray. And to cherish the fact I have loved ones to take care of. May you enjoy your cooking abundantly and the ability to serve your family up a helping of love every night at the table. Cherish these moments!

  2. I like it when my husband cooks. He makes a mean egg sandwich. And the best mid-evening hot chocolate. And anything he puts on the grill is golden. That’s a problem these days, since the grill is tucked under the snow.

    I guess I’ll stick with the sandwich. And the cocoa …

    Have a fun weekend with your gang, Sarah …

    1. My husband enjoys cooking on the weekend, especially grilling. Even down here, it is too cold for the grill now 😦
      I would stick with a sandwich and hot chocolate too!

  3. Hooray, Sarah, for stomping on those negative thoughts! Those self crushing thoughts can be so defeating. We’ll have to keep working on replacing the negative with positive. πŸ™‚

  4. I may never become a millionaire from ‘flipping houses’, but I can feel like one from flipping my thoughts! And I’m so with you on the menu planning (and grocery shopping).

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