God Can Use Makeup

My oldest daughter may only be 8, but she has the biggest heart for people! It breaks my heart to hear her say she lays awake at night sometimes thinking about children who don’t have enough to eat. I have been trying to figure out a way the two of us could help more, and I found it.

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We went into business together! A good friend of ours joined a company called Younique last spring and has had lots of success and met many new people. I held out until now because of past experiences with direct sales.  After knowing what a burden Lauren has had on her little shoulders, I decided to act. I asked her if she wanted to sell makeup with me and donate 30% of our proceeds to Food for the Poor. Her eyes lit up! Now I get to spend more time with my little girl and help families around the world. What could be better?

Food for the Poor not only feeds millions of people, but also provide emergency relief assistance, clean water, medicines, educational materials, homes, support for orphans and the aged, skills training and micro-enterprise development assistance, according to their website.  More than 95% of their donations go directly to programs that help the poorest of the poor. When we give to companies like this, we are being Jesus’ hands and feet. We are making a difference.

For those who don’t know, Younique sells makeup and skin care. They have only been around a few years but are growing by leaps and bounds. Their products are available in the US and Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. It was just announced that soon Mexico and Germany will be added. Younique’s products are naturally based and some are gluten-free and vegan. The bestseller is the 3D fiber lash mascara. It is awesome and even one coat makes my puny lashes look good! The lip gloss and eye shadow pigments are beautiful as well.

Younique seeks to uplift, empower, and validate women around the world. My prayer is that in these next couple years, Lauren will grow to understand that she can make a difference. Her age isn’t important, and neither are her skills. All that is important is that she is willing to be used by God. The sooner she understands that every little thing matters, the better off she will be. God has been using children for His glory since the Old Testament, and He is still doing so today.

If you are interested in purchasing anything or hosting a virtual party, check out the party we are hosting until midnight of February 12 at:


I never want people to feel pressured to buy, but I want to give anyone who is interested the opportunity to have great makeup. If you can not make a purchase at this time, please say a prayer that we will succeed in helping to feed the poor.

Just think about the families we can help together!

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23 thoughts on “God Can Use Makeup

  1. Sarah,
    This is a great idea on so many levels! You and Lauren are in for a big adventure and we (I mean Rebecca) will buy some of your product.
    By the way, we are very aware of Food for the Poor. Our friend is one of their reps and speaks in churches all over the USA about their ministry. They have earned a very good reputation for their work. One of the things I love about Food for the Poor is that they were the first relief organization helping in Haiti after the earthquake there.
    We continue to be thankful for your heart turned toward the Lord
    I love you,

    1. Thank you for your support! 🙂 We are excited to be able to DO something to help. I love Food for the Poor and especially hearing they were the first in Haiti!
      Love you too!

  2. Sarah,
    Your post title drew me in because I know make-up can do beautiful things — and now it’s helping children — how amazing is that?! I think it’s wonderful that you are encouraging your daughter with this venture with a business and philanthropy. And I’ve heard great things about the mascara! 🙂

  3. I love how you were attentive to your daughters heart for others, and offered a way that she can get involved. Beyond just selling makeup, you are showing her how she can make a difference, something I’m sure she won’t soon forget 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to keep including my kids!

  4. I think that’s wonderful for you to figure out a way to act on your daughter’s desire to help others. What a gift in today’s culture of me-me-me! Praying this morning for you and your daughter to see God’s hand in this business adventure for His glory. Keep us posted!

  5. What a unique idea! When I was little, my mom let me bake and sell bread to raise money for projects at church. I loved spending time in the kitchen with her just as much as I loved having money to help those less fortunate.

  6. I love how you gave something active for your daughter to do to help her feel more like she’s helping the poor she has a passion for. Thank you for sharing this, Sarah, and I hope you and she sell lots!

  7. Sarah this is such an awesome idea–you are so smart! I love that you are involving your daughter not only in an act of service, but encouraging others to serve too. What a beautiful ad uplifting post 🙂 .

  8. I LOVE this idea! I think it’s an amazing way to teach her about your infamous, Intentional Spending idea, all why showing to be generous to God’s people. That burden on her heart is no accident and I love that she will grow up with the idea that God can use anything for His glory! This post is featured today at the Sat. Soiree Blog Party & Social Media Share!

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