Wild Success

God wants me to have success beyond my wildest dreams. I want that too, but I get the feeling we are thinking of very different ideas of success.

My ideas tend to come from worldly standards. My kids behaving. My marriage being strong and us not fighting. My house looking good for other people. Money to throw around. Lots of blog readers and a bestseller when my book is finished. Lauren and I selling tons of makeup and feeding lots of people.

Do you know what I know God wants to include in my success? For me to look to Him first in everything. To have pure motives in my actions. For my children to grow up knowing and loving Him (so thankful God knows they won’t always behave!) For my marriage to be based on Him and not our circumstances or feelings. The rest may come and go, but I will be wildly successful if I have these down.

God may choose to grant me great sales and lots of money. But He might also go a completely different direction. He loves throwing surprises at me that I didn’t see coming. He changes what is on my heart and makes me yearn for justice and peace.

I love Psalm 37:4. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” What I am discovering is that God leads me into things I would never have thought to do on my own. All it takes is getting to know Him better. When I started reading my Bible more and praying more-out of love for Jesus and not out of obligation-I found myself wanting HIS ideas. Now I want His version of success. I am doing what I can on my end and deepening my relationship with Him. In return, He is opening doors for me.

God has a whole life prepared for me. If I am going to know which way to turn or what choice to make, I have to be able to hear His voice above the others in my life. I must wait and talk to Him before I rush into anything. I need to trust that He knows better than I do and that sometimes I must let go of a desire or a part of my life so He can bring me to something better. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.

Today is a new day filled with potential. Something great could happen or it could seem to end up as an ordinary day. What I know about today is that God is working. He is guiding me toward the success HE has planned for me.

Whatever happens, it will be beyond my wildest dreams.

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8 thoughts on “Wild Success

  1. Beautifully said! I get ahead of myself and start defining success for my life sometimes. After I flounder on my own for awhile, I’m always drawn back to God and his definitions of success. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Our dreams pale in comparison to His majestic plans for us …

    Makes me wonder why we settle for our own puny desires.

    I hope you’re having a great weekend with your sweeties, Sarah!


  3. Sarah,
    I love how your loving, heavenly Father is guiding you into truth – helping you to understand that He has a wonderful plan to prosper you, and not to harm you. There is beauty in how you are coming to understand His goodness, and His desire to give you, “success beyond [your] wildest dreams”. So exciting to consider how He will guide a life surrendered to Him.

    1. It truly is a process isn’t it? We surrender and then daily have things revealed to us. I guess God knows we can’t handle too much at once!
      Thanks for your sweet comment!

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