Letting Go of Doing It All

God sure has a way of getting my attention! The Bible study I am in is focused on rest this week and guess what? It was what I needed to hear. How did God know? πŸ˜‰

I have many things going on right now, and they are good things. The problem is me and my expectations. I need to work on my book more. I need to work on my makeup business more. I can’t let these things take away from blog time. I have to figure out prayer meeting issues. I don’t want to miss out on time with the girls or volunteer obligations. It has been enough to leave my head spinning and keep my brain from sleep.

Friday I felt a cold coming on and we had a busy night with elementary school kids at church. I decided to take a nap and actually rest while the girls were at school. I love a good nap and try to sleep Sunday afternoons, but it had been months. My tank was empty. After taking that time for myself, I felt much better for church and my family. We can ignore our own needs for only so long before they catch up to us.

Then there is the last few days. Living in the south, we don’t do well with snow. They were calling for snow for yesterday, so our county cancelled school Saturday night. Obviously, nothing happened except rain. I had been excited for a snow day! Even brief snow would be better than nothing. Something switched back in me when we got all rain. All the to-do lists and guilt came back. Without snow, I needed to be busy!

God spoke to my heart and reminded me that these days are fleeting.

I shut down my lists. Instead, the girls and I did each others’ makeup and hair. We giggled. A lot.


We painted our nails


We watched movies in our pajamas and drank hot chocolate. We ate popcorn and cheesecake. We read together. Everything else could wait.

I was refreshed. Now for day 2 of “no snow” 2015….

If you are reading this and any of it resonates with you, take a break from doing it all. Get the rest you need, in whatever form works for you. You will be better for it, and so will all those people who need you. Quit believing the lie that you have to run the world and just breathe.

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14 thoughts on “Letting Go of Doing It All

  1. I love this Sarah, just love it! My husband reminds me often that I can’t do what I need to do on an empty tank. I think he’s trying, as lovingly as possible, to tell me that no one around here likes me a whole lot on an empty tank. I don’t heed that advice enough. Today I was supposed to volunteer in my daughter’s kindergarten class and I thoroughly enjoy that. But I have been physically tired and sleep-deprived, almost to the point of exhaustion. I chose instead today to practice self-care and stay home. I’m napping soon. I need this rest and God knows it. We really are better wives and mamas when we take care of ourselves.

  2. You sure know how to leave a legacy for your girls Sarah! The invisible snow day was the perfect backdrop for creating fun memories you will forever cherish. Your wisdom in catching that rest and listening to God’s voice reminding you that these days are fleeting snowballed into a great giggly good day all three of you thoroughly enjoyed…on a rainy day! πŸ˜‰ Yes, we can only ignore our own needs before it catches up with us and runs us ragged. Thank you for the showing us how we love and serve better and EASE-ier when we take the needed rest.

  3. When my two sons were little I loved having days like this where we just focused on being together with no agenda — well, other than making cookies and snuggling up reading books together.

  4. Sarah, Thanks for this wonderful post- very applicable to my present life as I am often hit with the reality that I can’t do it all- (usually before 9 am !!! ) It is good to hear these restful freeing words! Thank you!

  5. Sarah,
    Loved the sweet photos of you with your girls enjoying fun together πŸ™‚ This is so true: “We can ignore our own needs for only so long before they catch up to us.” Yes to Sabbath and mini-Sabbaths πŸ™‚

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