Magic of a Whoopee Cushion

Friday night, my girls received a whoopee cushion, which is arguably one of the best toys ever made. They gleefully put it on my seat before I got in the car. When I glanced down and saw it, I sat down as hard and dramatically as I could. The peals of laughter could likely be heard for miles. (Sorry to my in-laws’ neighbors.)


Sunday night my oldest was trying a little too desperately to get me to sit on her sister’s bed. I indulged, but that little bugger would not deflate. I rolled back and forth and hopped around to no avail. We had to call in the big guns-Daddy. When HE couldn’t flatten it, we squeezed it by hand. Let me tell you it was still funny.


Yesterday I was in my closet putting away laundry. When I came out, I caught my 6 year old trying to sneak it under my pillow. I told her to try again later since I caught her. They later succeeded.

I hope you are picturing this and laughing, because life is hard. There is so much evil and sadness in the world that it can easily swallow us if we let it. Therefore we must not let it. We must find the joy in life. When we find it, we cannot let go. Grab those moments and milk them for all they’re worth. Be silly. Laugh hard. Dance around the room. Sing loud.

All it takes to start is a 99 cent whoopee cushion.

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8 thoughts on “Magic of a Whoopee Cushion

  1. Love this – yep – laugh til it hurts. My sibs and I are going to Disneyland in two weeks – no kids allowed – all in memory of our mom (95) and dad (97) who went to Glory last year. (Dad’s estate is footing the bill – I think they would get a kick out of it…) I plan to laugh til I cry and then some.

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