Me a Leader?

You know those times God tells you something but you don’t believe it and He has to keep telling you? Those times He uses different people in different circumstances? Yeah, I must be a bad listener.

Here is what God is showing me: we are all meant to be leaders. He wants us to lead people in the right direction, toward Him. But guess what is also true? If we aren’t leading others TO God, we leading them AWAY from Him. We can think all we want that no one is paying attention to us, but that is a lie from the pit of Hell. Satan wants us to let our guard down and wade into the murky water to death and destruction. It just takes one questionable action at a time. “There is nothing wrong with what I am doing.” “The Bible doesn’t say it’s wrong.” Before long, someone is saying, “Sarah is doing it. I can too.”

When I think about being a leader of something, I start the I’m nots. “I’m not good enough. I’m not strong enough. I’m not patient enough. I’m not smart enough.” I will always need God’s grace and power, but He wants to use me. To be honest, I like the excuses. They make me comfortable in my decision to sit back and do nothing. They give me the false illusion that someone else will come along and do it even though God tapped me. If I tell myself there is someone better qualified, I don’t have to feel guilty. But seriously, is there a better qualification than God Almighty asking me to step up? Who am I to doubt Him?

Someone else may be smarter/prettier/braver than me, but God had me in mind. His kingdom is fulfilled when I am obedient.

I know. Mind blowing.

Even if it scares the fool out of me, I want to lead people in the right direction. I don’t want to be the reason someone else stumbles or even thinks they are on the right path. I will never know who all is watching me, so I have to consciously show them the way to God. The alternative is unacceptable.

So, when you feel that tap on your shoulder, take that step. Trust God to make you what you need to be and lead. It may be leading one person or a large group, but it takes the same qualification. When God calls, say “Yes Lord, I will.”

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4 thoughts on “Me a Leader?

  1. I think you’re already a leader. Anyone who is putting their story and God’s story out into the world is already serving as a leader for God. You said yes and stepped forward to hit that ‘publish’ button. So, keep taking the steps He puts before you! Trust and step!

  2. I think your feelings are shared with any good leader. Of course we aren’t good enough! That’s the beauty of a true calling. It comes and is fulfilled in Christ. What a blessing that you’ve been called! And you will be successful when Jesus is leading. He loves you too much to see you fail.

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