God’s Gift to You

Life is a gift

That you open each day

Some days it’s sweet

A box of chocolates

The next day disappointing

A pair of socks

One day thrilling

The new iPad

Two days later a regift

Haven’t you seen this before?

Then a surprise

Tickets to a concert

Another day something small

It seems inconsequential.

No matter what happens,

Before you open your eyes,

Make sure you thank God.

Each day you are here

Is a chance to do something new

To glorify God

To bring honor to Him.

He has you here for a reason

And will bless you.

He has much in store for you

If you just open your eyes

And see today the way He sees it,

His gift to you.

Linking with Holley Gerth


4 thoughts on “God’s Gift to You

  1. “Some days it’s sweet… the next day disappointing.” This is so true in life. Wonderful encouragement here to treat it all as the gift from God it is, Sarah! Thank you for the important reminder :). Each day is truly a blessing and we need to praise God though it all.

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